Leverage our expertise in Adobe Analytics for deeper insights

Adobe Analytics, a core product under the Adobe Analytics Cloud umbrella helps brands obtain detailed insights of their website’s visitor profile and other digital assets’ performance. It facilitates a holistic view to drive, monitor and grow brand online presence consistently with time.

Adobe Analytics insights thus helps in identifying problems and take immediate corrective action to optimise and enhance customer experience to help brands drive revenue/leads/business goals on the digital property.

SEO Services

LS Digital Solutions

  • Retargeting: Optimizing Paid Campaigns 
  • Mapping Online and Offline Data
  • Digital Property ROI
  • Insights for Enhancing Experience
  • Digital Property Performance, i.e. Load time, Bounce rate etc.

LS Digital Advantage

  • We provide high-level attribution with the premium feature
  • Anomaly Detection-If you need solutions from the system then you need ‘contribution’ which is a feature in the premium version
  • Alerts - alerts for specific events
  • Data Warehouse-  stores raw data to analyse subsequently
  • Contribution Analysis - system tells you the reason for a particular behaviour
  • Source mapping
  • Repeat user(cohorts) - e.g.  propensity
  • Offline Data Ingestion
  • Single View - online, offline, paid and natural (basically data of your overall business)
  • Funnels - visitors from which channel from which event to the other one (direct or eventual)
  • Flow -flow for a dimension that tells an entry point as well as the exit point

Our Competencies

  • Among the few Adobe certified partners in India
  • Team of experienced people with hands on experience on all Adobe products
  • Experience of over a decade in providing digital consulting to top brands in India
  • Strategic partnership with Clairvoyant, our data science partner
  • Many success stories of implementing Adobe for big brands in India eg. Tata AIG and Piramal


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