Leverage our expertise in Adobe Target to enhance your customer experience

Adobe Target is a tool that can create a personalised and experience for the user. The key ingredient in enticing a user to convert is a personalised experience that will assist the decision-making process. Statistical data shows an increase of 15 to 20% in the probability for a cross sell/ upsell if the experience is personalised. Target picks up multiple data points as well as gives the opportunity to experiment with various options to get the best possible personalised user experience. 

SEO Services

LS Digital Solutions

  • We help clients with A/B testing for offers as well as content to see what works better.
  • Multi variate testing of multiple different elements to figure what works better.
  • Experience targeting - Showing a set of changes to audiences and determine if it works better.
  • We can showcase a customised landing page to a customer based on the segments created in analytics (historical data) / actions on digital properties.
  • Recommendations - During/After the purchase e.g. Amazon (feature only on premium). 
  • Automation - System suggestions about what personalisation to show to a customer (feature only on premium).

Our Competencies

  • Among the few Adobe certified partners in India.
  • Team of experienced people with hands on experience on all the Adobe products. 
  • Experience of over a decade in providing digital consulting to top brands in India.


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