Leverage our decade plus experience to achieve scalability, measurability & flexibility through Google AdWords

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    Search is the easiest channel to get visibility and instant results on Search Engines as SEO takes time to build. It also gives you a leverage to bid on different keyword buckets like brand, generic and competition. Being present when your intended customer is searching for your brand, product or services and competition on Google. Highly intent driven marketing platform that help in reaching out to the right audiences. One of the most bankable channels to get quality visitors; thereby, increasing the performance of the digital marketing campaign.

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    GDN is one of the few reach channels that give you the option to leverage it for performance by utilizing bidding strategies like: CPC, CPA, Pay per conversion, maximise conversion etc. It also gives us the opportunity to target audiences with strategies like: in-market audiences (people who have actively searched for the product/service in the google defined time-frame), custom intent (google creating a set of users based on the keywords that you define), affinity (higher window that in-market, but definitely has an interest towards the product/service), interest (most broad) 

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    When you want to create awareness, top of the mind recall in today’s consumer in the format that they consume content the most. Google is relooking at how YouTube is perceived. From September onwards, there would be non CPV model and the bidding strategies would be on the T-CPA model. Even for branding campaigns the focus then will shift to website visits. The focus then would be on true-view for action as there would be a CTA with every video ad. 

LS Digital Solutions

Driving business from AdWords is not a plug and play option. It requires a high level of platform expertise or the efficiency goes for a toss. That’s where we come in with one of the most trusted teams in the country. We manage some of the biggest AdWords spends and have an experience in working with multiple brands and multiple industries. 

LS Digital Advantage

  • Increased ROI through Performance
  • Visibility
  • Increasing the efficiency of the current Adwords campaign
  • Getting scale without a major impact on the costs
  • Integration with CRM-reducing discrepancy (opportunity to cross-sell development)

Our Competencies

  • Team strength of 70 dedicated AdWords Certified Experts
  • Experience of over 12 years
  • Premium GMP partner
  • Manage huge spends across clients, industries and geographies
  • Highly process drive (tried and tested 6 Pillar Methodology)
  • Experience in International markets: Cummins-8 countries in Africa (Exposure in international markets with regards to Broadplace)


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