Creating true business insights through Google Analytics 

Running digital marketing campaigns without a properly implemented analytics is like running in the dark. Every organisation needs to know their user behavior and loopholes for better decision-making. Analytics helps in giving in-depth insights about users & in optimising the media planning as well as the user journey. Such data-driven insights helps in driving marketing cost efficiencies.

To attain media and product efficiency, (friction-less consumer behavior on the site) businesses need to have the right analytical tool that is implemented well. Google Analytics helps to collect the data, analyse it and draw insights from the same.

SEO Services

LS Digital Solutions

  • We help you to collect the data, analyse it and get insights about the visitors for your website and app
  • Understanding the visitor profile in terms of demographic-age, gender, location, device; and psychographic-interest and behaviour
  • Understanding the top performing channels contributing to the business
  • Retargeting: Integration with the Google products
  • Creating audience profiles based on behaviourfor retargeting purposes on paid media
  • Mapping and utilizing online and offline data
    • Integration with salesforce can help in bettter retargeting with specific online behaviour using e-mail id or phone number
    • Measurement protocol-view of the entire conversion cycle by integrating analytics and CRM system
  • Integrating app as well as web data in a single-view to have a holistic view
  • Digital property ROI
  • Insights for enhancing experience
  • Digital property performance I.e. load time, bounce rate etc.
  • Align analytics with other products like Optimise, Big Query and Data Studio

LS Digital Advantage

  • We at LS Digital have over 200 implementations and more than a 40-member team to help you set the right measurement.
  • Deep understanding of data and how to use it in media for retargeting & remarketing the users.
  • Multiple data collection options across websites, apps, and internet-connected devices
  • Data access via mobile app, API, email notifications, and more
  • Advanced site and app reporting and segmentation (including real-time and user-centric reporting)
  • Native data onboarding and remarketing integrations with different Google marketing channels
  • Understanding the user drop-off points in the journey which hampers the business KPIs
  • Attribution modelling

Our Competencies

  • Among the few biggest Google certified partners in India
  • Team of experienced people with knowledge on all the Google products & having experience of over a decade in providing digital consulting to top brands in India
  • Strategic partnership with Clairvoyant, Data Science partner 
  • Numerous success stories of implementing GA for big brands in India


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