Make your advertising efforts more efficient with Programmatic

Programmatic is the most effective top-funnel activity to increase brand awareness and reach by reaching out to highly targeted audiences.

Programmatic is a must have in your digital marketing arsenal. Programmatic gives you the ability to run all types of campaigns (display, app install, video etc.) from a single platform. More importantly this gives the ability to precisely target the most relevant audiences in the most cost-effective manner. Programmatic Advertising is an AI driven automation of advertising/media. This involves machine-learning decisioning and both biddable and non-biddable inventory.

SEO Services

Programmatic advertising gives access to  

  • Transparency
  • Premium Inventory
  • 1st Party Data
  • 3rd Party Audience segments
  • Contextual relevance-In-market, Affinity, keyword and Interest
  • Measurable Outcomes - Can drive performance over a period of time

LS Digital Solutions

Our capabilities lies in managing Programmatic buying, Demand-side platform & Real-time bidding. We help you to focus on 5-vital areas of Programmatic Advertising.

  • New Reach
  • Extended reach
  • Consolidated buying

LS Digital Advantage

We help our clients with the latest Programmatic approach to reach out to all thier consumers across all formats in a consolidated manner. We help in

  • Targeting your first party data
  • Achieve scale and reach
  • Target segmentation at the heart of it – consumer personas created, based on consumer interaction
  • Use one platform for video, banner, native and rich media
  • Assistance to all media channels
  • Set up DV360 to achieve campaign objectives, track and optimize campaigns through its own in-built machine learning system
  • Create cross-channel campaigns, manage audience, build dynamic creatives for multiple segments and channels
  • High quality inventory from top broadcasters and publishers
  • Campaign insights across different metrics
  • Re-marketing to prospects based on campaign insights
  • Utilize signals from over 48 AdExchanges
  • Utilize YouTube with de-duplicated reach
  • Can keep negating existing audiences to better increase reach among the newer ones.

Our Competencies

  • Certified partner for Display & Video 360 and a GMP Partner
  • Dedicated team for Google Display & Video 360 (With certifications from Google )
  • Set up and managed large and complex DV 360 campaigns
  • Proven ability in advanced analysis of DV360 data along with Google Analytics, Google Search Ad360 Google Campaign Manager using BigQuery
  • Expertise in building predictive models like the media mix optimisation model


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