Amazon Marketing Services

Amazon Marketing Services

It is an established truth that Amazon is the new Google for product search. Amazon is quickly sharing the pie with Google as one of the preferred search engine.

Companies across B2C and B2B spectrum - who are still not on Amazon risk losing grounds to:

  • Getting visibility
  • Building product driven business.
  • Spend resources on customer engagement
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LS Digital Solution

We have been tracking Amazon Marketing services' evolution for many years now and especially since 2013 Amazon launch in India. With the speedy growth of Amazon in the Indian market, we realized they have deep penetrations across geographies. Thus, we have helped organizations across domains to leverage untapped markets. Amazon Marketing Services is a part of LS Digital’s eMarket

The way we help you to market your products on Amazon Marketplace across its broad suite of advertising solutions:

  • Sponsored Product: These are native search ads that drive product visibility within and alongside search results. Targeting options include: Keyword/ Product/ Category. This ad format ensures improved visibility for your products within search results
  • Sponsored Brand: These are banner-based ads used to promote product range above search results. Targeting options include Keyword. This ad format ensures high visibility since it is placed above the search list.
  • Sponsored Brand Video: Now you can tell your brand story directly in search results. Campaigns link to your product's detail page on Amazon. The Sponsored Brands video ad unit will inherit the primary product image and headline text directly from the detail page.
  • Product Display: Ads that target basis shopper interests or products and appear on related product detail pages. Targeting options include: Product/ Interest
  • DSP, Display and Video Ads: Display Ads have behavioural, real-time, geo-targeting options. Video ads have out-stream and in-stream video options. High-impact properties available on the Homepage, Product pages, Thank You pages.
  • Brand Stores: Your exclusive store on Amazon to showcase your product portfolio and elevate the shopping experience of your customer
Need for advertising on Amazon
  • Amazon gets 60% of organic traffic
  • 76% of Amazon shoppers use the search bar to find an item
  • 70% of users don't click past the first page of search results
  • People on amazon search with an intent to research or buy unlike google where they are just content snacking
  • Searching on Amazon is like searching on Google with the added benefit of the ability to make a purchase
  • Search campaigns planning should include Amazon, or you risk missing out on a key aspect of the customer's journey
  • If you are bidding on product-led keywords, the ROI on Amazon will be far higher
  • Amazon is the primary search engine for products available on Amazon
  • Enhanced content and engaging video content will differentiate your brand from others