LinkedIn announces new features in mobile app

By Logicserve News Desk

  • October 13, 2016,

After revamping the mobile app last year, LinkedIn has seen a major increase in the usage of the tool, so much so that LinkedIn’s majority of traffic comes through mobile devices now. It’s been reported that daily active users through mobile has increased to 30% since the revamp. Going by this, it becomes obvious for the company to focus on improving the mobile app further to enhance user experience.

On 12th October, 2016, LinkedIn announced additional features in the mobile app that will be rolled out soon:

  • You can control what you see on your feed – LinkedIn uses an algorithm that decides the type of content visible to you on your feed. The engagement signals that are used as indicators help it with more information. By selecting the ‘improve my feed’ option below your post, you can then choose to follow or unfollow the content.
  • Save for later – This option enables you to bookmark links that you want to check but don’t have enough time at that moment. You can read those links in leisure. It works as a boon as you get a chance to revisit the content you wished to read.




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