Clever Remarketing with Interactive Storytelling boosts Brand Awareness and garners 30 Mn+ video views.


Research: Only 1/3 of working millennials put their money in risk-free instruments, such as fixed and recurring deposits and the rest 2/3 are willing to take risk.

  • Aim: To grab the millennials’ attention online and instill the significance of having a sustainable ‘financial’ plan, #SabseImportantPlan.
  • To influence the prospecting audience on different video channels & remarket them for brand recall followed by engagement.​

The Outcome

30 MN+

Video Views across channels.​

15 MN+

Views on Facebook ​


Average view rate on YouTube

Maximum CTR

Came from the following region: Mumbai, Shillong, Chandigarh, Puducherry, Kochi​(Display campaign)