Digital Consulting

Digital Consulting

The growing need for Digital Consultants

While marketing and advertising technologies truly make life easy, the unprecedented growth of this industry has led to a staggering abundance of tools available in the market today. In addition, as technology continues to advance the industry is abuzz with possibilities of convergence of martech and adtech tools. Myriad options, integration issues combined with diverse set of marketing tasks and challenges, can throw even sophisticated marketers off their game in choosing the right combination of solutions. That is why, more often than not companies end up with dysfunctional and overbuilt stack of martech and adtech tools.

Martech and adtech integration is underway, and we may have consolidated solution in future that can help easily deliver seamless consumer experiences that are contextual and engaging. But until that happens, companies need to implement right set of solutions that are well aligned to facilitate a holistic digital marketing strategy best suited for business requirements and goals.

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We understand that businesses need to tap into the crossover and synergy between adtech and martech tools to be successful. As consultants we help you do exactly that. From assessing existing technological stack vis-à-vis business goals, identifying gaps to strategizing and implementing right-fit tech stack – we support you at every stage. Adopting a ground-up and an integrated approach, we focus on data management, audience segmentation, AdWords campaign and SEO and social media marketing strategy creation. How do we do all this?

Business strategy & data infrastructure readiness

Since there are multiple channels, systems and data sources across your organization, we begin by assessing their KPIs and data architecture and readiness to see whether or not they are aligned with business objectives. We enable you to fine tune your data infrastructure and tools to ensure they are fit to deliver desired results.

Campaign and organic search management

We evaluate how optimally your ad campaigns are running. By analyzing your campaign’s taxonomy, we help create effective and relevant campaigns to boost paid search results. We also identify and fix SEO components that enables you to optimize organic search results.

Social media marketing

Our team of experts analyze your and competitors’ social media strategies against your campaign objectives and budget. And based on customer insight and segmentation help you identify effective and relevant social media platforms to enhance the effectiveness of your campaigns and maximize ROI.

UI/UX Management

We assess your UI design and responsiveness and help optimize UX by incorporating intuitive, interactaive and user-centric elements. We enable you to optimize the look and feel as per user expectations thereby boosting user experience and in turn their interaction with your brand.

Data management and analytics

We know that data analytics is the linchpin to achieving marketing goals. Our team of consultants therefore assess the diverse source of data, how it is captured, processed and analyzed to help you enhance and optimize management and governance of data. This allows you to facilitate collection of data with more granularity, thereby improving actionable insights and channel and campaign performance.


  • Right tools/ platform selection
  • Omni- channel consumer engagement
  • Audience Targeting
  • Goal-oriented & comprehensive strategies

Whether you want to revisit your martech and adtech tools or implement new stack, let us help you make informed and productive choice. To know more about our consultancy services - connect with us today!

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