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Today’s e-Commerce world is extremely agile and throws new challenges each second. e-Commerce platform has evolved with rising customer expectations. Amazon & multichannel retailing are making an ardent effort in creating strategic ways to embark new milestones for the online audiences. Its critical to choose right match for which order management system, channel, ecommerce stores, inventory & data management systems likewise others to be synced in tandem with online demand for digital market place. Whilst, Amazon taking a big leap to grab maximum share in the online retailing segment. Amazon has clearly redefined itself as a dominant search engine for any utility buying or enquiry in the online space.

User is overloaded with many information thus same user is potential audience for multilevel marketing. That does mean the strategy to choose the right tool and practice for taking care vast product listing is getting more challenging. As a seller you may not have a direct control in sourcing your views, click or impressions as the display is not controlled by you and your team directly. It’s a result of multi facet expertise of choosing the right Adwords, platform, category, content and intelligence that is needed to tailor the impulse of buying cycle of online user with offline study of current buying mechanism.

As this Online buying space is extremely volatile you need to have right blend of strategy, intelligence, market knowledge, eyeballs behaviors. This blend results in the success and pays your value for money in space of Google shopping campaigns and likewise market place in online retailing.

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As per a published reports, since 2016 the CPCs which was averaged at $0.77 has seen a rise in 2017 to $0.81. With the tricks of trade to derive greater value form tighter budgets, it is key to have an experience in handling Google shopping campaigns & Amazon marketplace like platforms at length and breadth. Thus, as its obvious to know how critical is to build the campaign architecture and optimize your budget with choosing right combination of keywords with appeal in content design and articulate a right viewership delight.

At Logicserve, we bring you the right blend and abundant expertise to help your products perform in online marketplace battle and yield the expected acquisition with value delivered on brand performance.


We help you tap into different kinds of search queries. We help you bifurcate/bucket keywords as per the google search query. This segmentation helps you utilize your budget prudently and give you measurable results. And your strategy doesn’t end here. We help you target new visitors with similar audience list. With the Similar Audiences for Search & Shopping we can help you find people depending on their search behavior.

If you wish to effectively manage the listing of your offering that must derive higher outputs among cross dimensional audience demographics alongside effective categorization of keywords. Which will leave nearly no possibility of loss of viewership….then you may just want LS Digital serve you in this space…….