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On Page Optimization

Optimizing for success

One of the biggest challenges facing digital marketers today is getting discovered by search engines. On-page SEO, when done correctly, can truly boost your page ranking. However, search engine results pages (SERPs) have drastically changed over the last few years. Today, on-page optimization goes way beyond keywords and meta tags. There are several other elements that are clamoring for attention now, making the process a lot more complex and advanced than ever.

On-page SEO involves a variety of tasks, including one-time setup activities and a plethora of ongoing work. There are specific tasks that vary depending on the nature of your website, its current SEO readiness and campaign strategy and competitive factors. It is imperative for businesses to realize that poorly done on-page SEO can significantly affect your search visibility.

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LS Digital Solution

At LS Digital we understand that on-page SEO is the cornerstone of an overall SEO strategy. We therefore work with you closely as an extended arm to address your business challenges and support you in devising right-fit on-page SEO strategies to strengthen your online presence. As expert consultants we help simplify the process for you while ensuring your on-page SEO is well aligned with your business goals and objectives. We follow an exhaustive checklist that enables us to cover every aspect of on-page SEO – from content to under-the-hood code – to ensure the process is holistic.Key activities include:

  • Reviewing marketing goals and identifying target market
  • Focusing on messaging and branding
  • Reviewing existing website’s architecture and content
  • Performing a competitive analysis and keyword discovery
  • Prioritizing and mapping relevant keywords and phrases to individual web pages
  • Optimizing URL usage and length
  • Creating unique and optimizing web content, title tags and meta tag descriptions
  • Setting up Rel="Canonical" and building deep inter links
  • Creating an XML sitemap and submitting it to major search engines

Drawing upon our knowledge of SEO trends and ranking schemes, we help enhance ranking for each page of your website to ensure your customers can find you easily. We enable you to:

  • Rank high for local search by implementing SEO features such as location in the title of the landing page, Google map, rich snippets, GEO location sitemaps etc.
  • Improve brand visibility cost-effectively by modifying page structure and ensuring prominent visibility in Google organic results.
  • Improve conversion rate through superior user experience powered by robust on-page SEO techniques, high page speed and ranking.
  • Boost click through rate (CTR) for organic results by optimizing meta description and meta title.
  • Drive more organic traffic by optimizing images and videos, attracting visitors from Google images, videos or even YouTube.
  • Stand out in the crowd and avoid SEO penalties by incorporating unique and different meta tags, texts, video descriptions etc.

You do not need to start big, we can help you start afresh or build up your on-page SEO to support your business growth strategies and requirements. To know more about our services – connect with us today!

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