SEO Audit

SEO Audit

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Search engine optimization (SEO) audit is a key process that helps analyze, identify and fix critical SEO components to optimize organic search results. However, the lack of standards around quality and scope of work plagues the search marketing industry, often resulting in sub-par SEO audits that provide weak, incomplete and tactical recommendations. This defeats the very purpose of the audits, making it difficult to improve ranking and get more traffic.

A comprehensive SEO audit comprises several critical components. It is therefore important for businesses to understand what to expect from an SEO audit and the scope involved, to ensure return on their investment.

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At LS Digital we understand that a thorough SEO audit is the first step to devising an effective SEO strategy, that is why we offer comprehensive website audit service. Adopting a three-pronged approach – Find, Represent and Solve – we help identify and fix issues and weakness that are holding your site back from reaching its potential. We offer a range of services from consultation to implementation to suit your business-specific requirements. Our offering includes five different types of audits namely:

  • Full Technical SEO Audit
  • New Site Launch Package
  • Migration Audit
  • Traffic loss Analysis
  • On-page HTML Recommendations

LS Digital audit services ensure your website is SEO primed, improving your website ranking, driving traffic and conversion. We enable you to:

  • Determine weaknesses in your SEO strategy and recommend and implement improvements to boost your page ranking.
  • Analyze your competitors and identify tactics that help them achieve better results in Google search ranking than you, in turn allowing you to step up your game.
  • Gain a new and complete visibility into your SEO strategy across various factors with a comprehensive checklist and roadmap to improve your overall site performance.

Whether you wish to audit an already existing SEO strategy or devise a new one, we can support you in every step of the way. To find out how we can help boost lead generation and drive better conversion results – connect with us today!

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