Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing Services

We dwell in a hyperconnected world today. Even the silent generation has made a transformational shift to social media platforms. These social ecosystems provide incredible flexibility in targeting customers. Moreover, there are some interesting ways we can help you to reach out to a highly qualified user base using Lookalike audiences. We not only help you to optimizes your media spends but also lower your COA. There is multiple layering option with which we help you to reach to the most converting customers on social media. We help you to look beyond the torpids ways for engaging your customers on social.

Decoding the Audiences on Social Media

  • Leverage your existing database to build a Lookalike audience from Facebook & Instagram
  • Define an Audience Size
  • Target Specific Demographics
  • Create an Ad using Facebook standard practices in check
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We Share Deeper Insights for Meaningful Decisions

Data, Information, Customer conversations - Your brand generates them in huge volumes in the vast space of social media. But what you are looking for goes beyond this. You are looking for true context. You seek to distil meaning and insights from the ‘white noise’ of customers’ conversations. You need intelligence on how your brand campaigns are performing – not just against competition, but also in the wider industry arena. As a partner, this is where we play a critical role in integrating the data from social with Google Analytics and DoubleClick to proliferate the prospecting effort.

Creative Strategy on Social

For today’s internet-savvy customer who actively take to social media to express both positive and negative opinions which may find an “echo” with other customers in the form of likes, favorites, re-tweets and even replies on blogs/forums. If the negative “echo” is not managed proactively, it can potentially damage company’s reputation, and drive away the customers. In such scenario we at LS Digital place the importance and power of creative at the centre of our work such that you gain the right visibility that drives business.

Our award winning social creative team enables you to design the right message and format to support your digital objective. Our strong competencies in digital creativity & handling large social media accounts clubbed by our strong campaign management expertise work to your advantage.

Optimizing for Success

Different goals require different optimisation techniques and diverse bidding options. We use the same approach that has made us stand out as a business in PPC & Programmatic: we are in our accounts every day and don’t just rely on algorithms to make choices for us.

Our love of the ‘test and learn’ approach extends to our Paid Social optimisation strategy. We know that audiences matter when it comes to social media. After analyzing your historical data and discussing your brand values, we set your campaign off on the right foot by targeting the most relevant audiences to your campaign goals and company vision. From that point on, we let the data tell us what does and does not work. Testing is an ongoing process that provides us with actionable information about your most valuable customers, from which a granular, insightfully targeted campaign can come to life. After that, time for even more testing…