Website Design and Development

Website Design and Development

Design & Development is the process of crafting your brand identity

Web designing is like architecture. We sincerely believe that it must be modernistic and flawless, so integral to your business that it looks like it has been born naturally on the ground where your theme rests. The design must complete your brand’s story. It is, after all, your first impression.

Technology has infiltrated our lives to the extent that we cannot ignore digital media, no matter which business we are in. Digital marketing is definitely the future of advertising and marketing. Collaborating with a Website Design and Development agency and investing in the web will do wonders for your business. LS Digital has helped companies define big visions, turn ideas into realities, and improve their products and services by delivering unforgettable customer experiences.

Flawless web design takes shape only when it jumps the standard layout patterns. That is when an engaging and constructive digital brand experience is created. To make this happen, our designers study your brand’s current positioning in the industry and your ambitions; they collaborate with you to determine the brand aesthetic.

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Design is so simple, that is why it is so complicated - Paul Rand

The focus of our web designing methods is to make it user-centric, which could bring the desired conversion for our clients. An exceptional user experience (UX) comes from a deep connection with the viewers, which can be achieved by backing the user experience with a strong user interface (UI). Robust coordination of the two - UX and UI – is the key to optimized user interactions.

UX design helps in creating a focus area by getting a grasp of the precise business personas. It brings in extensive technical research and analysis of customer psychology, their likes, and dislikes, which vary with region, age, season, and trends.

LS Digital Design Approach and Methods
  • Discover - In order to know what to explore, we need to understand who we’re designing for and why.
  • Ideate - We explore ideas and strategies, ultimately narrowing down to a prioritized set of strategies.
  • Implement - Research and strategy come to life in the implementing phase. This is because we materialize and craft testable solutions.
  • Validate - Gather user feedback to test the effectiveness of the solutions and iterate.
  • Delivery - Deadlines are met, ruthlessly!

Your brand has to present itself on the customer’s desired device for visibility. This means, your site must resize dynamically to the device - phone, tablet, or desktop - without having to compromise with the functionality, design, or content.

Also, did you know that sites giving priority to mobile-responsiveness are becoming the favorites of search engine algorithms? So, if you wish to grow as a brand in 2020, you must have a fully mobile responsive site.

Logicserve’s designers study your brand and its needs with respect to the industry it belongs to. Thorough research helps us build up a responsive design and structure that depicts your brand effectively and elegantly on all devices.

The Creativity Touch

A design made complete and strong with functionality and cutting-edge technology contributes a lot to your brand’s communication strategy, bringing higher engagement as a result. A touch of creativity to a technologically sound design builds trust around your brand with the right user experience.

We leave no stone unturned to see that a site is creatively sound. Our experienced designers have continuously struck this balance of making every web design visually appealing while also keeping it technologically accurate.

If you are our client, we won’t let you look like any other ordinary business. With our creative direction, your brand will build itself rapidly. We promise to make it stand out.

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