Introducing Logicserve Trading Desk: Your One Stop Destination for Media Planning & Buying

By Team Logicserve

  • October 27, 2014,

Currently, the extraordinary availability of Internet across mobile devices, coupled with a boom in the ecommerce industry has led to the emergence of complex marketing strategies which are being automated for on target deliverance and better ROI performance.

The increase in ad space and slots available across websites implies enormous opportunities for advertisers to promote their products on par with relevant targeting using the accumulated data and its analysis.

This digital marketing channel has given way to Ad exchanges and Agency Trading Desks which help the advertisers in buying media as per their objectives.

Media buying through Demand Side Platforms takes place through Real Time Bidding (RTB). Real-time Bidding (RTB) refers to the purchase of display media/ad space through an auction. RTB allows advertisers to buy digital media space through bids which can be done on impression basis. Here, the advertisers retain the right to decide on the value of the bid of impression on the basis of detailed information made available on impressions. The entire RTB auction process happens in a fraction of second within which the auction is carried out, bids are evaluated and the best bid is placed.

Real-time Bidding offers:

  • Bidding and ad placement in fraction of seconds
  • Self-optimization for better results

Demand Side Platforms offer a single interface to digital marketers to buy as well as manage many ad exchange backed up by third party data. The DSPs can incorporate the Real Time Bidding process to offer competitive bidding of various banners and ads across their target groups enabling a well optimized marketing campaign with a superior tracking and monitoring system in place.

Demand Side Platforms offer:

  • Availability of all ad-exchanges with third party data partners
  • Availability of inventory in India & rest of the world
  • Availability of relevant target audience along with key denominators
  • Availability of all display formats – mobile, video, standard and other formats
  • Availability of bid optimization as per campaign requirements
  • Transparency in reporting of ad performance in real-time

Logicserve Trading Desk (LTD) offers convergence of latest media space technology and professional expertise. With enormous data to process which is growing every second, LTD helps in creating the best digital media campaigns with remarkable results.

LTD has been successfully associated with best of Demand Side Platforms (DSPs) with Real Time Bidding (RTB) technology and premium publishers to offer the seamless integration of a campaign’s multimedia approach.

The entire campaign is planned through a competitive analysis across audience insights, segmentation, optimization, ad retargeting and pricing. LTD’s association with premium technology partners ensures that the campaign is directed across the most suitable inventory by using RTB via DSPs

Programmatic Buying and Bidding

The evolving world of digital media is rapidly becoming an automated activity and by 2017 nearly 70% of the media spend is likely to be automated. In the future, programmatic buying and bidding i.e. buying and selling of ad inventories across desktop and mobile will be entirely automated.

Programmatic buying takes place via exchanges, DSPs and ATDs. It allows you to set parameters for display of ads like target audience, geography, time, interests, behaviour, placement, categories and third party data, etc. LTD lets you customize campaigns as per your requirement. The digital media mix for campaigns can include video, mobile, desktop inventories and more, depending upon the audience presence across these channels.

With an experienced team of media planning and buying professionals across Europe, U.K & India, our expertise in audience insights and segmentation, optimization and ad retargeting coupled with strong relations with ad partners ensures premium inventory made available at competitive price. Logicserve works in a transparent manner and offers all possible assistance including campaign insights, creative support during the campaign along with timely reporting.

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