A Day In The Life Of – A Digital Marketer From House of Hiranandani

By Logicserve News Desk

  • October 19, 2018,

We connected with Namrata Ahluwalia from House of Hiranandani this week to know about her professional journey in the dynamic digital marketing space.

Here’s a look at how her regular workday looks like and what she loves about her job.

  1. How does your normal working day look like?

My normal working day begins early at 9 am; it’s a good thing considering I don’t get stuck in traffic on my way to work. The day starts with a quick glance on my mailbox followed by preparing a to-do list for the day, listing tasks based on their priority & urgency. Calendar check is mandatory to plan the day, as meetings with agencies or internal meetings are always lined up.

Day progresses with working on strategies for a new launch / sustenance projects, campaigns etc. The best part about being a digital marketer is that there’s so much to learn and implement, which keeps one from setting into the routine pattern of things. Always make it a point to read about new updates & explore innovative ways you could use various digital platforms.

  1. What are the most helpful tools according to you that help you get the job done efficiently?

There are various tools we use on a day to day basis, some are paid and some are free to use. Tools like Google Analytics to analyse website ROI; ORM tools, help with automated daily reports on mentions online which in turn reduces TAT for responding to customer queries/ complaints; Google AdWords & Facebook Ads Manager for performance of various ad campaigns, and Lead management system like Salesforce to keep a tab on the pulse of our business ROI.

  1. How did you get into digital marketing? What do you love about your job?

I got into digital marketing by luck. I started with social media marketing in 2009. At that time, I didn’t even have a Facebook account and was not sure about what I’m getting into. But the way the digital marketing sector progressed, I’m glad I was there at the right place at the right time. In my career in digital marketing sector spanning over 9 years, I have worked on various brands across sectors like entertainment, FMCG, Educational, Healthcare, and Investment. And now with a renowned real-estate brand, House of Hiranandani, my digital marketing journey is getting even more interesting. What I love the most about my job is the dynamism it brings. It’s so vast and growing multi-fold that your learning will never stop.

  1. Tell us about your hobbies. What do you do to unwind from the busy working life?

I love travelling and do not miss out on any opportunity to run away from the city. I also enjoy writing short stories and reading fiction books. I keep trying out various DIY stuff like making clay toys, home décor stuff etc. I like going for walks & doing yoga. These hobbies actually help me relax and unwind myself from the hectic everyday schedule.

  1. Any advice for people who want to get into this dynamic digital marketing space?

If you are game for a career full of challenges and learning, then digital marketing is for you. Digital marketing is a sector that is always on the move and is always changing. If you are choosing it as a career, you need to keep up with the latest trends.

It is definitely not an easy job but it is well rewarding and satisfying if you are up for it with passion and vision to succeed. There will be late working nights and testing times but the experience & memories you will gain will make up for all the hard work.


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