How to make Google rank your page higher in the Search Results?

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  • November 28, 2013,
Increasing page rank for the website @LogicserveDigi

Increasing page rank for the website @LogicserveDigi

Changes can be difficult. And Google makes this adage applicable to its fullest when it comes to deliberately making your page rank higher in the search results. With the search algorithms being changed almost every day, it is virtually impossible to ensure, simply via technical SEO, that your page will be among the top most results in the Google search page. So, how do you modify your strategies to ensure that your page always stays on top?

What Google wants

Google wants to deliver the right kind of information to the searchers. Over the years, its crawlers have started viewing the webpage like a user. So, if you optimize your web pages for the visitors, you will always be on the good side of Google. Google will want its searchers to come to your page because your content would be useful to them. So, just technically optimizing your site won’t be useful. Being able to think from the angle of the visitors has become an important ingredient for success in SEO.

Moving focus from Keywords to Content

Visitors don’t care if you have been clever enough to insert the exact keyword they were looking for. They want the content to be what they were looking for. So, how do you ensure that? Be honest! So, develop content for topics, not some particular keywords. Google understands synonyms now and it is continually working towards developing contextual search results. So, your content strategy should be headed towards developing relevant content to your services and products for better search visibility.

Designing the Content

The web is full of wrong information. So, when you are searching for some information and land on a page which is ‘ugly’ or doesn’t have a definite design philosophy, you would rather not trust the information. Reason? Part psychology, part logic. Well-designed websites mean that some thought has been put into building the page and hence the content. Google sees it that way too. So, even if you are good at building a plain HTML site, hire a web designer who will build a site for your keeping in mind the needs of visitor i.e. visitor being able to find content easily.

Intelligent Link Building

One of the fastest ways to get more visitors to your page is via link building. With improved search engine algorithms, you can’t just buy links from particular websites. Quality matters a lot. So, identify the websites which share content relevant to your services. Your site’s potential visitors are more likely to be on a relevant website, than any other website– simple logic! Help the site on which you are posting your link to understand how you want your visitors to perceive your business.

Optimizing your blog for search results isn’t about tweaking HTML codes any more. It has become a rounded approach, one in which you would have to think from the perspective of the visitors. Incorporate more of marketing strategies into your SEO strategies to rank higher in Google search results.


No doubt ranking your page higher depends majorly on the type and amount of content provided on a given website, the level of optimization done on the site, and the popularity of the website.

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