10 Social Media Trends for Driving Your Marketing Strategy in 2021

By Logicserve News Desk

  • November 24, 2020,
Social Media Trends

As lockdowns due to the COVID-19 pandemic forced people to remain indoors, social platforms witnessed an unexpected surge in the amount of time people spend on these platforms. From communicating, accessing the latest news, entertainment to shopping, popular platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and more turned into the go-to destination.

According to a report on SocialMediaToday, people spent at least 20% more time on social media apps during the lockdown. Thus, businesses can no longer look away from social media in 2020 while creating an effective digital marketing strategy.

As 2021 is about to begin, what are the top social media trends that businesses and marketers should watch out for? Here is a list of top 10-

1. People-first Marketing

Brands are understanding the importance of two-way communication on social platforms. Regularly posting relevant content and engaging with your audience is an effective way to boost your brand on social platforms organically.

2. Connect Emotionally

At times like these, when the majority of people are struggling financially and are in a constant state of fear and anxiety, brands can help provide that emotional support and sentimental boost. Consumers are looking for ways to connect with the happier past, and nostalgia marketing can be the solution.

3. The Age of Misinformation

Fake news and inaccurate information are on the rise on social platforms. In 2021, popular social platforms will look for ways to curb them. Brands can futureproof themselves by being transparent with their consumers and avoid being victims of false or inaccurate rumors.

4. Diversify

TikTok turned into a social media star in 2020. As compared to platforms like Facebook and Instagram, TikTok witnessed significantly higher downloads throughout the lockdown. Brands should diversify their social media strategies to take advantage of such new platforms. On the flip side, with the ban on TikTok in many countries, businesses relying solely on the platform for their social media strategy were severely impacted. All the more reason to not focus on just one social media platform.

5. Consider Video Marketing

As compared to text or images, consumers engage more with video content. Moreover, as people had more time during the lockdown, the consumption of video content has increased significantly. In 2021, brands should focus on regularly posting information video content to better engage with consumers.

6. Memetic Messaging

Social media users love memes. Brands and marketers can use them creatively to boost their social media strategy. Users also love sharing memes on social platforms. All the shares, likes, and comments can also help improve the organic ranking of your posts on social platforms.

7. Go Live on Social Platforms

Almost every social platform now allows you to stream live videos. Live streaming is engaging and also helps you create unique content. From QnA sessions, product launches, collaborations, announcements, to interviews, conduct them live to delight your audience.

8. Talk About Important Issues

There has been a growing awareness of social, political, and environmental issues in 2020. A lot of conversations regarding these issues takes place on social platforms. Consumers like brands that take a stand or at least talk about such problems. Talking about such topics will help you connect with your audience emotionally.

9. Think About Social Commerce

Social commerce flourished in 2020. An increasing number of brands now sell their products directly through social platforms, eliminating the need to redirect consumers to their websites. It is easy and helps consumers save a lot of time. In 2021, more brands will focus on growing their social shops.

10. Listening is Vital to Communication

It has only become more important for the brands to listen to how the consumers react to their content on social platforms. By closely following social conversations, brands and marketers can get excellent insights about how they can further improve their marketing strategy.

Social Media Marketing in 2021

2020 has helped us realize the importance of staying prepared for the unexpected. While there is no saying as to how 2021 will unfold, the trends discussed above will probably have a significant impact on social media marketing trends in the following year.

Use a few or all of the tips discussed in this post to make social media marketing work for your brand in a world that is adjusting to the new normal.

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