2-Factor Authentication for Page Managers Unveiled by Facebook

By Logicserve News Desk

  • August 23, 2018,

With an aim to expand the existing transparency levels, Facebook has been reported to bring forth modifications in the authentication and authorisation procedures for users managing large Facebook pages. This new authorisation procedure will allow the users to publish posts on the pages with enhanced transparency and authority.

Background about the authorisation procedure

The enhanced approval procedure is set to provide the users with a boost in audience reach and at the same time allow them to secure their accounts with aid from a “two-factor authorisation” procedure. The enhanced process will also require the users to authenticate their primary country location.

The modified structure oriented with the authentication process has been reported to be initially launched in the US and shall be available to businesses across the globe later. It can be speculated that Facebook is aiming to expand the system in time broadly.

How it affects the users?

Facebook hasn’t put forth any requisites concerning how a page shall be qualified, whether it is to be depicted as a large page or not. However, the page managers or admins do need to go through this current authorisation method as a form of mandatory regulation. The managers are expected to receive the notice for the enhanced authorisation procedure at the top of their respective news feed. From the notification, they can get started with the authorisation procedure and thus initiate the process.

The page banner associated with the authorisation process will be visible to the users as long as they do not engage in the completion of the procedure. Once all of the steps associated with the “Page Publishing Authorisation” have been completed, the banner shall automatically disappear. It has been further reported that if the user does not engage in the authorisation method within the stipulated timeline, they shall lose the authority of posting on their pages any further.

Why the need for this move?

This step by Facebook has been initiated to ensure that organisations and individuals do not make use of the social media platforms to mislead people into forged identity and services through their movements. Regarding the interference and public manipulation recorded in the 2016 US presidential election campaigns, Facebook caught the sighting of such organisations and entities that made productive use of their platform to engage in influencing the voters through the unsolicited content published across such pages.

Facebook has also reported the fact that these modifications shall be soon introduced to other platforms like Instagram, which is set to enhance the spectrum for both of the platforms owned by the organisation. It is also expected that this procedure will not affect smaller organisations, ones that do not have a huge following or a humongous social media impact, but this procedure is undoubtedly enticing in terms of being a future process.

This enhancement can be somewhat sighted as a little menace to the people that already own big pages. They have to go through the authorisation procedure right from the beginning once again, and this could be a hassle. However, because this will enable them to post content more transparently and in a more accountable manner, this minute hassle is undoubtedly a minimal price to pay.

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