3 AdWords features you’re probably underutilising

By Logicserve News Desk

  • January 25, 2018,


Most of Google’s revenue is from online ads they provide on their search engine. Google is basically a search engine, and hence their primary focus is to expand their user base more, so much so that everyone starts using Google search. Google, however, provides search results for free, which poses a question of revenue. This is where AdWords come in the picture. Google AdWords are most definitely one of Google’s primary, most important service that generates most of Google’s revenue.

Millions of businesses have used AdWords, and continue using them today, to gain as much exposure as possible on the most significant search engine platform today. AdWords gives companies the freedom to manage their ad campaigns themselves and provide their own preferences for the ads. This feature has attracted a lot of business owners over the years and made AdWords the best medium for expanding the audience. However, people who have been using AdWords for a long time sometimes get stuck in their ways and miss out on attractive features Google keeps rolling out regularly. These features can give you many extra benefits, and you can use AdWords to their full extent. Here are some AdWords features that you should utilise to get the best out of your investment.

  1. Gmail Ads

Gmail ads have been available to companies for a long time, but not many have opted for them. This is because ads on Gmail have to be seen in the promotions tab, and not many people check that section. This has caused Gmail ads not to sell as efficiently. However, Google has started dynamic retargeting of Gmail ads, which means users won’t be able to ignore Gmail ad placements completely.

Gmail ads, when paired with attractive images and redirect buttons, can urge people to directly go to your site, which is a significant advantage, considering your ad will be standalone and not with other ads. Hence, people should start considering Gmail ads as a viable option for advertising.

  1. Variations

Google AdWords has been a staple advertising medium for many companies and the number continues to grow. Many companies have used AdWords for a long time and are set in their traditional way of advertising. But now, with Google rolling out new features for AdWords, people can essentially utilise AdWords to their maximum potential. The new features rolled out by Google allow the users to try variations and Google will provide regular analysis of how your variations fared, which saves an enormous amount of time and at the same time allows you to understand how you can better your ad campaigns.

  1. Experiment With AdWords

AdWords has millions of companies using it and most of them have been using the same ad marketing strategies since they started using AdWords. This is synonymous with running the same experiment for years at a stretch. Sure running the same ad campaign is helping your company, but experimenting can actually boost your business. There is always something to test, and it should be because that test might be your new strategy for ad campaigning and surge your website traffic.

AdWords are a powerful tool by Google, and you should keep trying variations and using all the features provided by Google for AdWords in order to utilise it optimally.

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