3 Amazing Tips on Using Social Media to Engage with Online Shoppers

By Team Logicserve

  • August 1, 2015,

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Shopping is one activity that never leaves people satisfied. The different factors such as; fashion, promotions, offers, discounts and improved lifestyle, make people crazy to try new shopping ideas. Social media is one factor responsible to drive a huge level of engagement of online shoppers. The different mobile apps and websites have made the young shoppers addicted to online shopping.

online shopping behaviour chart

Growth in Online Shopping:

On a good note, there is one thing common, especially in women, irrespective of how many clothes you have in your closet, you have nothing exciting to wear when you are invited to attend a special event. This is because we get bored to see the same clothes in the closet and the exciting pictures on the web fascinate us more. That is the time when we realize the impact and importance of online shopping.

According to a recent survey, 60 percent of people are dependent on social media and mobile apps for their shopping needs. More than 80 percent of people are engaged in social sites, out of which, women and young shoppers are great contributors. In one simple statement; ‘With the help of social media, you can try hundreds of dresses without trying at all’.

One of the major confusions yet in the minds of businesses is how to engage the online shoppers through social media.


These 3 secret tips for engaging with online shoppers will turn your confusions to conclusions:


  1. Content:

content for social media

 Your content plays one of the vital roles in engaging the audience/customers. Your brand must generate valuable content for the customers so that they return to you every time. One of the best examples is Google Search Engine itself. Google has never publicized its brand in the market as a search engine. However, 90% of people are dependent on Google for their research and content. This is due to the strong contents displayed on this social search site.


  1. Entertainment:

 selfie contest

Do not be too informative to display your product. Visitors love to be entertained and it is logical that you cannot reach a huge number of people to entertain them. Urban Hilton Weiner organized a campaign where visitors were entitled to a $10 discount coupon on tweeting a selfie by trying on some clothes with an Urban selfie hashtag. This event dragged a good number of visitors who loved to see their selfies rolling in their favorite outfits.


  1. Communicate:

 social media to communicate with customers

Attend to the visitor’s suggestions, ideas and complaints. This really works in the social media business. Remember the true meaning of socialization. It means to socialize and not to sell. Engage in public forums, discuss with people and make a connection with your visitors. The closer and regular you connect with your visitors, the stronger will be your base of business. Many businesses leave a toll free number or create a chat forum for their products, so that customers can reach each other and discuss their reviews of the products of the company. One great example is the Amazon shopping site.


Logic Speak:

The Law of Gravity teaches us what you throw up, comes down to you. Similarly, you throw up stones, stones will return to you, you throw flowers, flowers will return to you and if you throw customer deals on products, great deals will return to you!






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