3 Effective Ways to Better Personalise Programmatic Ads

By Logicserve News Desk

  • November 3, 2017,

The policy of personalising ads according to a user’s preferences and transactions has been gaining ground over the last few years. But it’s essential to distinguish and draw a line between the truly personalised and being obnoxious.

With almost unlimited data at our disposal, it sometimes becomes challenging as to where to draw the line. Businesses think that the ultimate use of their advertising resources would be where they are able to send users unique content and messages at the right time on the right platform and in proper context.

What has changed is the scale of programmatic ads

While this was done in small proportions previously, it has truly gained an enormous traction in the last few months. The reason for its emergence is personalisation engines and way more digital marketing platforms. With ad blocking growing 41% year over year, it was imperative for the advertisers to bring something new to the table to counter it.

Silly things like blocking users who use the ad blocking software or trying new tricks to get around ad blockers wouldn’t be able to solve the problem. It is no wonder that some firms like the New York Times even went to the extent of requesting users to avoid the ad-blocking softwares.

How to enhance the personalisation within programmatic?

Programmatic personalisation strategy should be more than pure data and technology. It should enable advertisers to create more lasting and memorable user experiences, make messages more relevant to them and even facilitate effective conversations with their current and prospective customers. There are multiple marketing touchpoints which can be utilised efficiently to get the most output for the advertiser’s money.

1) Start with data

By carefully analysing data you can reward scintillating outcomes in marketing. By carefully examining the data, advertisers can progress to make more personalised ads and messages for individual users. The relevancy of the ads with unique users is of prime importance. The key for delivering the relevant media to users is through an efficient data analysing strategy.

2) Nothing’s more effective than real-time advertising

By providing unique content to individual users on a real-time basis sharply increases the effectiveness of programmatic advertising. A person’s shopping profile and a history based on previous transactions can be used efficiently to create ads based on his interest.

3) Technology is the key

Technology is one of the wheels along with data that can help solve the personalisation in programmatic. With the help of efficient, reliable and scalable technology, data can be turned into a value of enormous proportions. By helping to create stronger ties between you and the consumer, technology can be of the great essence.


Now is the time for companies to increase their share of programmatic with personalisation. The entry of big players into marketing technology has given this market a kind of buzz. Most of these players already have significant consumer data along with industry data. For them monetising this information for personalised advertising will be the next logical step.

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