3 Marketing Strategies to Rule the Digital Landscape in 2022

By Logicserve News Desk

  • December 27, 2021,
Marketing strategies for 2022

Every new year brings with it a new set of digital trends that often have the ability to disrupt the future of marketing. And when the year is as eventful as 2021, which has put immense pressure on the marketing budgets, we can expect marketers to tread with caution and only invest in a marketing strategy that could deliver the biggest impact.

With 2022 just around the corner, taking inspiration from the past, present, and future could pave the path for laying a solid digital foundation for your brand. Here are 3 strategies that marketers should watch out for to make the most of their marketing budget in 2022-

1. Sustainable Growth with Omnichannel Marketing

Rapid digitalization, affordable data, and consistently rising internet penetration in India have caused significant changes in consumer behaviours. According to consumer trends, experience and convenience have taken over price and product to a considerable extent. As per a report by Adobe, 82% of Indians now demand personalized experiences across online and offline channels.

As we step into 2022, it’d become very crucial for brands and marketers to focus on building an omnichannel presence with a consistent message across channels to keep up with customer expectations.

2. Rise of AI in Cookie-less World

While Google has delayed blocking 3rd party cookies until 2023, their demise is inevitable amid the rising concerns regarding user privacy. When marketing for Google, ad targeting would probably be the biggest challenge for marketers in a cookie-less world. Artificial Intelligence or AI could be an effective solution to the problem.

With benefits like keyword recommendations for improved organic reach, automated web traffic reporting, and purchase probability predictions, AI has a lot to offer. Moreover, according to a SEMrush blog, 71% of marketers believe AI could help them with personalization.

3. Conversational Marketing to Engage with the Customers

As per a report by SalesForce, 89% of Indian consumers expect real-time interaction with businesses. Delayed response is one of the most common reasons why consumers start looking for other alternatives. Conversational marketing, a dialogue-driven and customer-centric marketing approach could be an effective marketing strategy to boost customer experience, engagement, and revenue.

The conversational approach allows brands to utilize every channel, including customer service chatbots, personalized emails, videos, etc., for fulfilling customer expectations. The strategy will ensure that your customers don’t have to wait for hours or days to get a response from you.

Acing Digital Marketing in 2022

While the pandemic has had a significant impact on the digital landscape, it has also offered a host of valuable opportunities that can be leveraged by brands and marketers in 2022. The assistance of an experienced digital marketing company can ensure that your strategies make the biggest impact and help you get closer to your business objectives.

As reputed marketing companies have worked with businesses throughout the pandemic, they better understand the changing digital landscape and how brands can take maximum advantage of the available marketing opportunities to continue growing.

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