4 Latest Amazon Updates Every Seller Should Know

By Logicserve News Desk

  • October 21, 2021,
Recent Amazon Update Every Seller Should Know.

According to a 2020 Research and Markets report, Amazon is the largest e-commerce company with a global market share of 7.7%. In India, the online retailer has a market share of 31.2%, slightly behind the Walmart-owned Flipkart’s share of 31.9%.

With a more than 100 million user base, Amazon India is the go-to platform for B2C retailers in India. The online store also regularly updates its platform to boost sales and provide an improved shopping experience to the customers. As an Amazon seller, it is essential to stay updated with all the latest changes to take advantage of every new opportunity.

Here is a list of 4 latest Amazon updates every seller should know about-

1. Amazon Posts within Brand Storefronts

In April 2021, Amazon launched the ‘Posts’ feature that brand-registered sellers can use to share product-related content and lifestyle images in the form of a feed, similar to popular social platforms.

While the post updates were only displayed on the product detail pages of the competitors on the Amazon app and mobile web, they can now also be found within the Brand Storefront on desktop. On the storefront, a customer can click on the ‘Posts’ tab to view all the latest posts by the seller. Like social media platforms, sellers can use this new feature of Amazon to boost engagement.

2. Returns Performance Dashboard

Amazon has also recently launched the ‘Returns Performance’ feature on the seller dashboard. This will make it easier for the sellers to track the returns performance while also proactively addressing all the issues related to returns.

The Returns Performance is divided into three metrics- Approved returns requests in less than 24 hours, return-related buyer contact rate, and total declined return requests. Detailed information about these metrics, including the target threshold, metric calculation, current performance, etc., can be found within this tool.   

3. Use Diverse Range of Models to Sell More Apparel

Amazon regularly shares suggestions with the sellers to help them sell more. Recently, Amazon suggested that apparel sellers display their products on real models, preferably multiple models of different body shapes and sizes. It helps customers better understand how a particular product will look on them.

Apart from assisting buyers in making more confident buying decisions, using a diverse model range for displaying products can also be helpful to sellers as they can effectively target more people.

4. Dynamic Segments for Sponsored Display Campaigns

Recently, Amazon introduced the ‘Similar to Advertised Products’ targeting option for sponsored display campaigns. The dynamic segment uses machine learning to help sellers reach their target audience browsing similar or complementary products.

As the sponsored ad is displayed on the details page of related products, the chances of buyers clicking on the ad are higher. The segment can be used for reaching the relevant audience and boosting product consideration.

Keeping Up with the Latest Amazon Updates to Boost Sales

Sellers can use all the latest updates, features, and tools released by Amazon in many different ways to generate more sales and boost their revenue. But as sellers, there are already so many things to take care of that it is very easy to end up missing many of the latest updates.

An effective solution is to work with a reputable digital marketing company that specializes in Amazon marketing. Sellers can trust the expertise of experienced marketers to take advantage of all the latest Amazon updates to reach more customers and generate more revenue.  

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