4 Reasons Why Marketers Should Consider Switching to Google Analytics 4

By Logicserve News Desk

  • November 5, 2021,
Why marketers should implement GA4 now

With Google Analytics 4 (GA4), Google has replaced Universal Analytics (UA) property type that marketers have been using forever. With significant upgrades to user tracking, reporting, and set-up, GA4 is more streamlined, powerful, flexible, and user-focused. 

GA4 is a lot more than just an updated version of UA and will mostly involve a steep learning curve for marketers who want to make the switch. It will require them to un-learn and re-learn a tool they have been using for a long time. But even with all of these challenges, the switch from UA to GA4 is definitely worth considering.

Here are 4 reasons that make GA4 a smarter alternative to UA-

1. Flexibility Like Never Before

GA4 allows and encourages custom reporting. Users can make custom reports with data of their choice. It also offers a wide range of visual representation options, including interactive graphs, pie charts, and more. The availability of custom reports significantly reduces the need to use pre-made reports that are often irrelevant. It also helps in making the dashboard less cluttered.

With GA4, all the essential data you need can be accessed faster so that you can make informed decisions on the go to improve the effectiveness of your website or app.

2. Smarter Insights

Google’s advanced machine learning models enable GA4 properties to track all the latest trends in real-time. It can also automatically generate detailed insights, including unusual spikes, changes, or differences in data trends. Moreover, the self-learning algorithms continue to learn and evolve to further boost the quality of the generated insights based on which you can make informed decisions.

While the automated insights feature of GA4 is similar to the intelligence analytics feature of UA, it is more advanced and significantly more powerful.

3. Automated Event Tracking

As event tracking has gained prominence in the last few years, Google has equipped GA4 with automated event tracking. With UA, users have to manually set up event tracking with Google Tag Manager (GTM) to track events such as video plays, scroll depth, link clicks, etc. GA4 can do this automatically.

Events can also send valuable insights regarding website info, actions, and website visitors to the tool for generating visual reports. This also means that you can now collect custom information which is not possible with UA as it uses the pre-defined hit model.

4. GA4 is the Future

Google has already mentioned that GA4 is the future of analytics. All the new features and upgrades will only be rolled out for GA4 in the future. It is also the default property type for creating a new GA property. However, users still have the option to continue using the existing UA properties without switching to GA4.

When it comes to analytics, it is always wise to switch to upgrades as significant as GA4 as quickly as possible as it can provide you a head start over others. With time, marketers and brands will bid farewell to UA, and GA4 will be the only option left. Rather than waiting for a few months before switching, this could be an excellent time to jump the bandwagon and start mastering GA4.

Upgrade to the Future of Analytics with adveGA4

Google Analytics 4 is a significant upgrade to Universal Analytics. While its launch received a lukewarm response from the marketing community, most people have started realizing its potential and how it can boost their analytical capabilities.

If you’ve been using UA for a very long time and struggling with the GA4 switch, a reputable digital marketing company can help. Experts who are already well-versed with GA4 can ensure that the changeover is hassle-free and time-efficient.

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