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  • June 23, 2017,

We continue from the earlier post on learnings from TechManch.

5. The Art of Visual Story Telling – By Donna Moritz, Social Media Strategist and Visual Marketing Specialist at Socially Sorted

Donna very effortlessly got us to think differently by diving deeper into how customers experience content on the web, especially social media and how brand need to empower them with visual storytelling.

Visual story telling can be done through different mediums like influencer marketing, user-generated content, images, animated images and LIVE videos,

Here are some of her interesting stats on the visual aspect of the web –

  • It takes 50 milliseconds to create an impression online and with images it can take 13 milliseconds.
  • 84% of your online communication will be visual by 2019, with videos alone contributing to 80%
  • With story-telling images, the chances of a conversion increase by 44%
  • Custom Visuals are likely to have a 7X conversion rate.

It was very kind of her to share her visual hierarchy on the types of content she thinks is consumable online these days –

  •  Quotes/Tips
  • Photos (Gifs, JPEGs etc.) – Mobile Photography is becoming very popular these days
  • Step-by-Steps Guide/Tutorials/Hacks/Checklist
  • Showpiece content like Slide decks, info graphics etc.

6. Workshop on Exploiting Influencer Marketing Strategies – with Zoe Cairns, an international social media speaker, trainer and consultant at ZCSocialMedia.com
In this workshop zoe explained, the true meaning of influencer marketing by getting us to think about influences in our industry and target audiences and why does a brand need influencer marketing in the first place.
She walked us through some of the popular tools (free like KLOUT, Followerwonk, BuzzSumo, Twitter Advanced Search, Google etc. and paid like Exposely, Upfluence Traackr etc.) to find our influencers and the techniques to connect with them at a personal-level by listening to them, interacting with them, sharing their content and monitoring their activity on sites like Sendible.com.
She also gave us some tips on building credibility online by through Bloggers – where instead of offering money directly, you could offer them your product for free and ask them to write about it, LIVE videos and share them on social media, PR News – where you could engage with journalists, share their stories and in return they will cover you.

7. Deterministic Data in Mobile Changes Everything – by Florian Lichtwald, VP Global Telecom Partnerships & Operations, Zeotap, APAC

He gave us insights into how Zeotap as a platform could help brands maximize the use of programmatic buying with inventories from popular telecom companies like Vodafone and Aircel.

This was followed by two Panel Discussions on Mobile branding beyond Google & Facebook in India and The Digital Vital Stats – Essentials of an effective measure of any digital strategy.

This was followed by Twitter Session by Rohan Noronha, Sr. Client Partner at Twitter who spoke about the new Twitter interface to make it look more uniform on both Android and IOS devices and its growing user-base that offered a lot of potential for advertising.

8. Valedictory Address by Manoj Kumar, MD & Area GM, ISC GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare.

He spoke about the challenges that India faces with the number of users online and the low connectivity speed, despite the advent of 4G, the increasing demand for vernacular content and media plans based on expensive models.
PS: The content of the above article is a mix of verbatim and purely my understanding of the sessions.


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