5 Expert Tips to Succeed with Facebook Ads

By Logicserve News Desk

  • January 20, 2021,
tips for facebook ads

According to a Statista research, Facebook has more than 310 million users in India. In fact, the country has the largest Facebook audience size worldwide, followed by the USA with 190 million users.

A social platform so extensively used by people just cannot be ignored by businesses. Apart from having your page on the platform to increase reach and engage with the audience, brands can also take advantage of Facebook ads.

But while the social media giant is known to offer one of the most customizable ad platforms, marketers and brands are often unable to tap into its potential.

If you’ve recently decided to advertise on Facebook, here are 5 expert tips to help you succeed-

1. Narrow Your Audience with Facebook Targeting

Unlike the content on a website that needs to appeal to a broader base of potential customers, Facebook ads need to speak to a specific group of people. To help marketers achieve this, Facebook provides you with an extensive list of targeting options.

For instance, a fitness apparel brand mostly operational in Mumbai can possibly to target men above 30, living in Mumbai, and interested in fitness.

Taking advantage of Facebook targeting to target specific groups of audiences can help brands have better ROI on their ad spend.

2. Customize the Ad Copy

Once brands have narrowed down their audience to a few different categories, it is smart to customize the ad copy for each of them.

For instance, an ad copy targeting 30+ fitness-loving men should be different from the ad targeting women from a similar age group and liking for fitness and wellness.

People will consider a brand for many different reasons. So, using a similar ad for every type of audience might not provide marketers the results they’re looking for.

Tweaking the ad copies as per the target audience can give a boost to the overall Facebook ad strategy.

3. Use Retargeting

For brands looking for higher conversions with Facebook ads, retargeting is a strategy they cannot ignore. Retargeting campaigns are generally known to have lower CPCs (Cost Per Clicks) and higher conversion rates.

Be it your past customers, blog subscribers, email subscribers, or even someone who has visited a particular page on your website, as these people already have a connection with your brand, the chances of them clicking on your ads are higher. They are also more likely to end up purchasing your product or service.

4. Select the Right Ad Format

The ad format marketers select also has a lot of impact on the effectiveness of their campaign. Marketers can choose from photo ads, video ads, story ads, messenger ads, and carousel ads. All the different formats have different purposes. For instance, a photo ad is excellent for displaying physical products and generating awareness. On the other hand, carousel ads enable brands to display a wide range of products.

Brands that have a more complicated product, video ads can be very helpful. Messenger ads are very effective when it comes to remarketing.

Understand the purpose of different ad formats and match them with your product and ad objective for improved results.

5. Be Careful with Ad Placements

With Facebook ads, brands can reach their target audience on and off Facebook, including places like Instagram and its vast audience network. Marketers can also select whether they want to show the ads on mobile, desktop, or both. An ad campaign can witness varying results based on where the ads are placed.

For instance, mobile ads might show higher engagement but lower conversions as compared to desktop ads. Similarly, Instagram ads generally result in higher engagement but are more expensive. While Facebook enables the ad placement automatically, it can be edited at the time of creating ads. Try and test a few different variations to figure out what works best for your brand.

Creating Unbeatable Facebook Ads

As a digital marketer or brand manager, one of your primary goals is to be present at places where your target audiences are. This makes Facebook, with a user base of 310 million in India, one of the most vital aspects of a brand’s digital success.

While Facebook ads might seem overwhelming, these proven tips are sure to make the process more effective and easier. The information will enable you to use Facebook’s ad platform the way experts do to reach more people and generate higher ROI.

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