5 Marketing Channels that Benefit from Data Collected via Paid Search

By Logicserve News Desk

  • November 20, 2019,

Marketing has come a long way since the mass targeting of a few decades ago. Today, marketing is driven by customer information captured at every stage of the buying process and extensive data-backed analytics.

Marketers no longer have to shoot in the dark – they can build accurate and customized strategies to reach their target audience precisely.

Businesses that employ data-driven marketing strategies see a whopping 5-8X return on marketing spend. Marketers who use data-backed personalization techniques exceed their revenue goals 83% of the time.

While most top marketers agree that data is the future of marketing, the majority fall short when it comes to leveraging the data available at hand. One area where marketers fail to make the best use of is – using data gathered from paid search for optimizing other marketing strategies.

Paid Search – A Treasure Trove of Reliable Data

While marketers have plenty of channels to gather customer data, search engine marketing is the most effective (and sadly, the most overlooked). Using the data from paid search, marketers can learn:

  • Searching habits of customers
  • Their buying journey
  • Their pain points
  • Demographics
  • And plenty more

Here are a few ways in which marketers can integrate insights collected from paid search with other marketing strategies like:

1. Retargeting

Retargeting is the practice of reaching out to people who have already purchased from a brand or exhibited an interest in specific products or services.

How to use data from Paid Search? Retargeting works better when you have clear insights into what a customer is looking for, the previous products purchased from you, why the customer didn’t complete the sale (their pain points/expectations), etc.

With the data collected from paid search, you can efficiently retarget the right customer with the right offer. It helps you provide the customer with an elevated personalized shopping experience, thereby boosting conversion rates.

2. Social

Social media marketing is an excellent way for marketers to increase brand/product/service awareness, boost website traffic, and ultimately increase sales.

How to use data from Paid Search? Look for keywords and ad copies that generated the maximum clicks and conversions on paid search. By adding this to social messages, marketers can replicate the success of paid search on their social marketing channels.

3. Email

Email thrives on personalization. Email marketing has to resonate with the recipient to engage and move them to the desired CTA.

How to use data from Paid Search? The demographic data collected from paid search can be used in creating highly tailored emails that address the requirements/pain-points of the target audience. Additionally, the data collected can be used to create email campaigns that automatically respond based on customer action and guide them throughout the sales funnel.

4. Amazon Shopping

The biggest marketplace on the planet. According to a survey by Jumpshot, 54% of consumers today skip Google and other search engines and go directly to Amazon when searching for a specific product. Marketers need to amp up their Amazon marketing techniques as much as they focus on Google.

How to use data from Paid Search? While Google and Amazon are miles apart, they share similarities. Marketers can translate what they have learned from data insights on paid search and apply it on Amazon to boost conversions.

5. SEO

Despite several new channels, organic search results still play a critical role in determining the online visibility of a business.

How to use data from Paid Search? By analyzing the search volumes for specific phrases or keywords, marketers can include the phrases/keywords that work well in their SEO strategies. Additionally, paid search insights can help marketers identify which content works better with which customer segment, thereby fine-tuning their SEO approach.

Use Cross Channel Data to Amplify Marketing Techniques

Ultimately, irrespective of the channel marketers’ use – customers want content that delivers value to them. Instead of focusing on data derived only from a particular channel, marketers have to widen their data-handling approach.

By using data from paid search in other marketing channels, and vice versa, marketers will be able to create consistent, relevant, and accurate messaging across channels. This, in turn, increases brand trust and value, thereby boosting conversions and winning customer loyalty.

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