5 Social Media mistakes and how to avoid them

By Team Logicserve

  • July 10, 2014,

Socialmedia mistakes

You cannot escape the influence of social media in today’s times. Be it for just catching up with friends or to join a like minded community, the medium is fantastic. However, there is more to social media from the perspective of enhancing brand value and marketing. Many brands have quickly recognized the tremendous viral impact it can provide them with regard to their target audience and at a cost that is very competitive.

But it can be a double edged sword. If one right, it can significantly enhance brands or else can hurt the brand big time. Let us look at five of the common mistakes enthusiastic marketers often make when it comes to running a social media campaign.

Having an appropriate social media strategy is the starting point. You need to be clear about your target audience and where you are likely to find them. Identifying the reason for using a particular social media platform and then using it in a purposeful manner is vital. Otherwise you may end up splashing messages across platforms without specific objectives and find that the campaigns are a failure.

A strategy is a must and having a professional run it is all the more important.

Then we come to the type of messages that are posted on social media networks. Remember, when it comes to promoting a brand, you need to customize messages as per the media and what may be formal as well as acceptable in one media need not necessarily suit the other media. For example, a professional post that is a requirement in LinkedIn need not be repeated on Facebook, which is considered more casual. So vary communication as per the platform used.

When using any of the social media platforms, be aware that the purpose is to engage interactively. Avoid just blasting messages without waiting for any feedback or not responding to them. The idea behind using such platforms is to humanize brands to the best extent possible. Be sure to respond to feedback and encourage a dialogue, even if there is criticism or sarcasm. The very fact somebody has taken the effort to comment or post feedback is reason enough for you to get back to the person. Who knows, you may end up getting interesting insights that you may have overlooked earlier.

A common mistake made by many marketers is using social media to immediately sell their products or services. The accent here should not be active promotion of the brand or the products. Make sure you are posting content that is of utility value and strike that balance which will endear you and your brand to readers. Become the consultant and not only a seller.


Finally, be regular and consistent in posting content. There is nothing more irritating or frustrating than to see somebody promising so much at the beginning and not following up. Readers and your target audience can easily get the feeling of neglect once you are pretty irregular or inconsistent in your posting of content. Establish a pattern of posting and stick to it so that your readers know when to expect the next one from you.

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