5 Super Effective Ways to Boost Your Organic Video Results

By Logicserve News Desk

  • November 28, 2018,

These days, just making original content is not enough. Knowing how to effectively push it across so that it yields you the right results is also imperative.

Original visual content has proven to be one of the most powerful tools in online content marketing. Videos provide a visually enchanting experience to the end user which compels them to make the purchase, which just blog post would not.

Video content has more potential to grab the eyes of the customer and this further leads to higher brand engagement and consequently leads to escalating profit charts. Don’t just go by words, as Forbes evinces, through extensive study in this arena, that by 2019, video content will account for almost 80 per cent of global consumer internet traffic.

To get onto the bandwagon, here are some effective steps about how you can enhance your organic video results.

1. Understand What You Got
You need to understand the importance of sorting out here. See if all your videos are identified, categorised and optimised. This is to be done in steps.

a) Analyse the portal you choose to post on. See what works there, and what does not.

b) Analyse the video content you would be pushing out, and conduct a thorough keyword research to find ways to optimise your videos.

c) Analyse the SERP (Search Engine Result Page) and find the videos that would be displayed for relevant keywords. Though this would be a time-consuming effort to begin with, it definitely would pay you off in the long run.

2. Know the video gaps
Find out what sells online, in the sense what are the popular queries and compare those keywords to your current video library. This will give you an understanding of what videos you really need to put out.

This is basically providing what the audiences want. If you have a video on how to use certain software, you’d be surprised to know that your audience is rather interested in knowing how to install the software first.

3. Expanding SEO Keyword focus through videos
Videos offer you the opportunity to expand your SEO focus. It gives you the leeway to target more keyword variations in your video titles and descriptions.
Example: Usually videos are focusing on processes and procedures. Adding those words in the titles helps your content reach out to a larger base.

4. Adding Optimised Links
Uploading videos with no links that lead to the parent page create a shady impression. Optimise your videos with links to the website in the descriptions section.

5. Surviving the Competition
Viewing the competitors’ videos would give you an idea of the keywords they are using, and the kind of audience they are targeting. This would give you some ideas on filling in the content gaps, or even give you newer video ideas.

Using these strategies gives you the formula to make videos serve you well. Not only your sales improve, but also you manage to create a community that will look forward to the content you put out.

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