5 Tips to Get Started With Visual Storytelling on Facebook

By Team Logicserve

  • April 24, 2015,
How to showcase your stories on Facebook


Story telling is a great way of relating to each other and to the world as a whole. Moving on from a real time platform, you now have a virtual platform through the Internet to showcase your stories and connect with fans and viewers all the way, crossing every possible barrier.

Within social media sites, Facebook stands the top contender for outreaching to a wide number of fans and followers. Remember, Facebook users not only love images but also like commenting, sharing and clicking on links through them too. Speaking of the Engagement factor, Facebook posts with images enjoy an engagement factor of almost 93%, more than 100% comment and also more than 80% clicks on links on image posts.

Now, how to go about visual storytelling on Facebook – Begin with these 5 vital tips –


1. Ideas and Inspiration

Post visuals and videos that actually inform/guide viewers on how to make the best use of your products or services. Your viewers could be real or potential customers who would prefer to spare a few minutes viewing or watching them.


Ideas and Inspiration by Pepperfry
Ideas and Inspiration by Pepperfry


PepperFry, a leading furniture e-tailer in India offered a neat tidy furniture solution concept keeping in mind people who are frequently changing residences. If you look at the visualisation, it offers a complete solution to its buyer. It is not only promoting the products but also helping a potential buyer to visualise its usage and placement. This will appeal more to your audience compared to a post only about a single product.


2. Infuse Life in Your Brand

Build up on customer loyalty by portraying the ‘human’ quotient of your brand’s offerings through a video. If at all, your offerings solve impending issues of the users, you have definitely scored on the loyalty factor.

This video highlights Samsung introducing video calling service for its hearing impaired users. For reaching out to other hearing impaired users and their relatives, Samsung actually trained an entire neighbourhood, in Turkey, in sign language to surprise a dumb and deaf citizen and it connected at a much compassionate level with such people and their family members. Released in March 2015, this video has been viewed more than 9, 00,000 times.


3. Connect with Viewers

Build up an interactive channel between you and your viewers. Be it contests, product reviews, guides, look books and DIY guides, make sure your viewers relate to your posts well. Be responsive real time and helpful too.


Couponraja republic day contest
Couponraja republic day contest received 4K likes over a short period


Couponraja, India’s leading portal hosted a contest on account of Republic Day which received nearly 4k likes over the short contest period.


4. Short, Clear, and Catchy

Micro videos have become the order of the day. Keep them short, clear and of course, catchy, keeping in mind the critical ‘time’ factor. Your communication flow within the video should be lucid and clear for the audiences to clearly understand the message you wish to convey. A video too long could relate to missing out on the vital audience who may bookmark it for later viewing.

With a shrinking attention span, Vine videos are up to 6 seconds while videos on Instagram lasts up to 15 seconds or even less. So, now you know what you need to offer.


This Starbucks video on inviting coffee lovers through a chalk art sketch for a World’s Largest Starbucks Date garnered nearly 122k likes.


5. Planned Outreach

Before embarking upon a visual storytelling campaign, always have a plan ready that highlights the next path forward

  • When and where the story will be first published
  • The other channels on which it will be shared apart from Facebook
  • The revenue spend kept reserved for the campaign
  • The duration of promotion and it various levels


Recently, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg reiterated the golden rule of survival – Adapt or die. Keeping in mind the upcoming popularity of videos, Facebook is soon going to support spherical videos which can be watched from different vantage points. As predicted by him, five years down the line it’s going to be videos all the away.



Today’s audiences have a ravishing appetite for visuals and videos. They are on a lookout for creative and appealing stories every second. Depending upon the performance metrics of initial visual stories, you could proceed to keep them engaged in an interesting manner.

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