5 Tips to Increase LinkedIn Company Page Followers

By Team Logicserve

  • November 25, 2014,

Increase LinkedIn Company Page Followers @LogicserveDigi

Social media engagement is the buzzword for businesses and it does not matter whether that business is run by a company or an entrepreneur. While Facebook and Twitter are already very popular, the emergence of LinkedIn is also noteworthy and something that cannot be ignored by businesses. As per a study conducted recently, close to 50% of followers affirmed they are influenced by companies engaging with them on this site and are more likely to buy services or products of those companies. That is a huge percentage and certainly cannot be ignored.

The question then arises whether you as a company are leveraging the potential of LinkedIn to the best extent possible?

If you already are doing so, you would already be enjoying the benefits and only need to maintain the effort. But if you are not, then the following tips can help you vastly in improving interaction of this site.

  1. Finding groups on LinkedIn that are already engaging with your target segment followers

If you are already analyzing the activities of your competitors on social media, you are doing well. But it is also important to find other groups that are interacting with your target segment in order to understand their areas of interest. It could be an article, some discussion on a particular topic, a solution to some problem and so on. This will give you ideas that you can then post on your company page and present your perspective to draw attention of those followers over time. The “search” tab within the group will throw up the issues that you can build upon. You can if you wish to dig deeper by going to the Group Statistics where you will find insights into the group activities month wise as well as demographics. The “Activity” link will give you trending engagement topics which you can use for developing your content. There is also a “Go to Archive” link to enable you check out older discussions.

  1. Post updates frequently

If you have to draw attention to your updates on LinkedIn you need to be regular with your posts. It has been found that posting every morning on a regular basis attracts best results as most businesses look at the site at that time. You may then stagger and schedule posts through the day to maintain visibility for those who may wish to log in during the day. You may want to try out an automated tool like the HootSuite to take care of the posting for you. Automating in this fashion saves you time and effort. This tool is free and allows you to schedule posts and all you need to do is check the metrics for each post for suitable engagement.

  1. Embellish posts with pictures, contests, and links

LinkedIn provides you the facility of inserting pictures. You can now add images and embellish your posts for better visibility. Images have always attracted more attention and eyeballs as compared to simple text. Similarly, providing links that have interesting content can also help in pulling clicks. You can gain advantage by directing traffic to a blog post you have already written that is of use to your target segment and thus build engagement through their comments, views and queries. Engaging your readers through participation in contests is yet another way of interacting with them.

  1. Use the Targeting feature of LinkedIn

You would be able to create updates that are specifically targeted towards your customer segment through the Targeting feature. Use it along with the techniques mentioned above to draw traffic to your LinkedIn Page. You can also have an email signature line that will prompt readers to click on and they will then be directed to your LinkedIn account. You can thus engage with your readers who may become your fans and spread the word to enable you to get even more visitors.

  1. Make use of recommendation ads from LinkedIn

Using these ads will enable you to lend visibility and exposure to your products and services to the right target segment. You would be able to increase engagement on the Company Page by attracting more traffic and recommendations. Every time your product or service is recommended by somebody, it is shared automatically with that person’s followers which leads to even more recommendations and this can blow up to huge traffic over a period of time. The advantage with Recommendation Ads from LinkedIn is its focused appeal to target audiences and the results are quick due to the viral nature of this feature.


The above are some of the tips you can follow to increase engagement on LinkedIn. Try them out to experience better exposure and visibility to your LinkedIn Page.

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