5 Video Marketing Trends That Can Make an Impact in 2021

By Logicserve News Desk

  • December 24, 2020,
Video Marketing Trends

As compared to text and images, videos are known to be more engaging. With the growing popularity of OTT platforms, video-sharing platforms such as YouTube, and short-video sharing apps like TikTok, the amount of time people spend online watching videos has increased significantly.

The pandemic lockdown, which forced people to remain indoors, has also boosted video consumption. As per a report published on IndiaTV News, Indians now stream video content for 10 hours and 54 minutes weekly on average. The global average currently stands at around 3 hours.

As video content consumption is rising, this can be an excellent opportunity for digital marketers and brands to take advantage of evolving consumer habits. If you’re looking for the latest video marketing trends, here is a list of top 5 that is expected to make a huge impact in 2021-

1. 360-Degree Videos

With videos, brands are able to provide a visual representation of their products or services. But marketers can take their video strategy a step further by using 360-degree videos. Also known as spherical videos, they redefine the consumers’ viewing experience by providing more control over how someone wants to view the offerings.

Brands can publish the videos on their website or even popular social platforms that support 360-degree videos. Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube are some platforms brands can consider for publishing these videos.

2. Live Videos

Live videos allow you to better connect with the audience. They enable brands to seize the moment and enable consumers to view what is happening right when it is happening. Moreover, live videos are also a great way for brands to reinforce their authority and authenticity.

From product or service launch, QnA, DIY, interview, live tour to product/service explanation, there are many different ways in which marketers can use live videos in their marketing strategy.

3. Shoppable Videos

As per a RedSeer report posted on Business Standard, social commerce is expected to be a USD 7 billion market in India by 2025. By enabling shoppers to shop from social platforms directly, social commerce helps them save time and effort. Brands and marketers can take advantage of this rising trend in 2021 by creating shoppable videos.

In simple words, these are videos that allow consumers to shop directly by clicking the product displayed in the video. It eliminates the need for shoppers to search for the product manually.

4. Video SEO

Just like text and image content, you can also optimize your videos to rank higher in organic search results. As video content is gaining popularity, Google now prioritizes websites that feature video content. Higher clickthrough rates, reduced bounce rates, and quality backlinks are some of the top benefits of effective video SEO.

Moreover, brands can also combine video SEO with something like 360-degree videos to further boost their chances of receiving more traffic on the website.

5. Brand Vlogging

Vlogging is one of the most popular forms of video content, especially on YouTube. As per a Comscore report posted on The Hindu BusinessLine, YouTube India now has more than 325 million monthly active users. A combination of YouTube and vlogs can help brands increase their reach and engagement.

Today, many brands have their YouTube channels where they regularly release videos about their products, how to use them, and more. The videos can also feature your staff and even customers to better connect with the viewers.

Boost Your Digital Strategy with Video Marketing in 2021

As video marketing is expected to skyrocket well into the future, 2021 can be the year when you start considering it as a vital component of your digital strategy, if you haven’t already.

Watch out for these top video marketing trends as they can help your brand reach more people and lead to more conversions. 

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