7 LinkedIn Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Business

By Logicserve News Desk

  • June 29, 2021,
linkedin marketing strategies

LinkedIn is the best B2B social media platform used by millions of businesses to engage with their peers, customers and audience. Most importantly, millions of business use LinkedIn marketing to grow their brand visibility, generate leads, or launch a campaign. For businesses, it is essential to have a solid LinkedIn marketing strategy that can help them build their audience and grow. Let’s look at the top 7 LinkedIn strategies that you can employ in your business.

  1. LinkedIn Profile Checklist

LinkedIn has 57+ million companies and over 756 million members on the platform. As a business or even a one-person brand, it is very easy to get lost among the sea of professionals using LinkedIn. Thus, a profile helps your prospective clients identify you and distinguish you from the crowd. It is important to ensure your profile is complete and is done right to present the right image to your audience. There are two profiles that you will mostly need to build and publish. Here is a checklist that can help you.

  • Personal Profile Checklist
    • A high-quality headshot photo that makes you look professional, approachable and friendly.
    • A headline that describes what you do clearly.
    • Summary of your work experience and what you do.
    • Experience in detail, but keep it crisp.
    • Recommendations, skills, and endorsements that presents you as an authority in the space.
Visit a few profiles of professionals in your space and take notes of what you think could work with your audience.
  • Company Page Checklist
    • Use high-quality company logo
    • Upload clear and attractive company description
    • List the website URL
    • Describe your category of business, your location and other details correctly.
    • Enlist the people working with the company
    • Add the page link to your website, your email signature, and your personal profile.
The cover image is precious real estate that should be used effectively. Use this place to describe your company, areas of interest or just what you stand for.
  1. Post Consistently and Frequently

To leverage on the platform, you need to be active. With so many businesses and professionals on the platform, you need to post frequently and consistently to create the right impact. The number of posts in a day or week would depend on your target audience, your industry, and the level of engagement you want. Most experts advise 3-5 posts a week. Test out different times and frequency to see what works best with your audience. Avoid weekends as engagements are usually the lowest on these days of the week.

Create a content calendar that makes it effortless for you to post regularly and consistently. Make sure you have content ready in advance.
  1. Use LinkedIn for Employer Branding

Apart from being a great platform for promoting your business, LinkedIn has been one of the most effective platforms to attract and engage with the right talent for your organisation. Effective employer branding can cut down an organisation’s turnover cost by 28% and cost per hire by 50%. To build a credible employer brand, there are a few things you can do;

  • Encourage others in the organisation to link their personal profile to the company’s page.
  • Use a theme-based cover image that can be used across all the employees on their LinkedIn profile.
  • Create and publish stories of employees showcasing your company’s work culture.
  1. Increase Your Followers

While increasing your connections is important, don’t forget about the followers. This gives you a chance to widen your audience. To start attracting followers, you will have to become a publisher on LinkedIn. You can do that by writing articles from your company and personal profile. Here are a few ways you can increase your LinkedIn followers;

  • Add a follow button to your website, your email signature.
  • Post content on your page consistently.
  • Engage with customers.
  • Mention and tag influencers in your posts.
Dynamic Ad campaign from LinkedIn lets you publish engaging content and attract a newer audience faster.
  1. Grow Your Network with LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn groups can help you boost your engagement and also increasing your audience. Search for groups relevant to your business and start posting relevant and meaningful content. You can also create a group and start building a tribe that can help you boost your brand visibility. When joining groups, remember to join active groups.

  1. LinkedIn Ads

Being the number 1 B2B social media platform, you cannot ignore the power of LinkedIn Ads. You can publish ads to;

  • Increase followers
  • Generate leads
  • Build brand visibility
  • Promote your content to reach a bigger audience
  1. Use Images and Videos

While LinkedIn has been a text-heavy social media platform, the way people consume information has evolved over the years. Posts with images or videos can 10x your engagement. It is essential to use high-quality images that fit LinkedIn guidelines.

PageLogo Image300 (w) x 300 (h) pixels300 (w) x 300 (h) pixels
PageCover Image1128 (w) x 191 (h) pixels1128 (w) x 191 (h) pixels
LifeMain Image1128 (w) x 376 (h) pixels1128 (w) x 376 (h) pixels
LifeCustom Modules502 (w) x 282 (h) pixels502 (w) x 282 (h) pixels
LifeCompany Photos264 (w) x 176 (h) pixels900 (w) x 600 (h) pixels

Source: LinkedIn

Ensure that the image you use conforms to your business’s brand style guidelines to ensure there is consistency in your messaging.

Also, post videos on your company page and personal profile to increase your engagement. LinkedIn recently released the live feature using which you can go live and interact with your audience in real-time and build deeper connections.

While LinkedIn is a great platform for businesses to leverage their network and increase their visibility, it is essential to not drown in the sea of things you can do on the platform. Consider employing a trusted agency or marketer that can help you build a practical marketing strategy that integrates with your overall guidelines and helps you reach the desired outcome.

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