7 Uniquely Effective Ways to Earn Backlinks

By Logicserve News Desk

  • January 17, 2020,

Encouraging an external website to show confidence in your work and publish backlinks to your website can seem like an arduous task. However, getting a sizeable number of backlinks to your website is one of the most authentic ways to get more organic traffic.

Take a look at the 7 strategies you can leverage to get more backlinks and result in higher traffic to your website:

1. Linking from collaborators

Whether it is a client you developed creatives for, or a partner organisation that you worked with to develop a product or service, you can request these stakeholders to post a backlink to your website along with a write-up of your work to provide context. Their credentials will boost yours, and the visitors to their website may come to yours.

2. Publish case studies and statistics

Let’s take an example- you publish a well-researched article on non-communicable diseases, replete with latest statistics from all leading organisations such as WHO and government websites. The comprehensive information that this article can provide a reader is a valuable resource for any other online platform that also writes about health or any related field. You can reach out to these platforms with your post and request them to incorporate a backlink. It’s a win-win; they get good content while you get new visitors.

3. Connect on social media groups

Be it a Facebook group for media professionals or philosophy enthusiasts, you can increase visibility by posting quality comments on different posts, or even create posts. Make sure your post adds value to the conversation or members may simply take you to be a spammer. Add the backlink in the first couple of lines itself as comment snippets may hide content after a few words.

4. Piggybacking on competitors’ channels

This one will require you to be extra sharp and quick. Monitor your competitors’ posts on social media and other online forums. Check if there are any posts from potential clients or collaborators with queries directed to your competitors. For example, they could be asking if they service or deliver their products at a certain location. In case your company does, you can reply to their comment with a backlink! Be wary, though; you may get banned or removed from the group if it is owned by your competitor or if it’s against the platform’s guidelines!

5. Pursue guest blogging

If you’re an expert at something, leverage your knowledge and standing. Pitch a post idea to a relevant online platform and once approved, you could write a publish-worthy article for the platform with a backlink to your website. Again, a win-win. The platform gets a refreshing article with a new perspective while you get the opportunity to reach out to a newer audience.

6. Engage in link round-up posts

Who doesn’t like to read all expert opinions in one place? You could create an exhaustive but shareworthy article about any topic of your own expertise or choice, get experts in the field to provide inputs, and publish it on your website. It could be anything ranging from ‘expert opinion on raising a child with autism’ to ‘Experts tell you how to save more money’. Once the article is published, the experts featuring in your article are likely to share it themselves, and increase the visibility of your website. You can also send the article to relevant online platforms, comment with the backlink on social media posts to keep the visibility high.

You could also be an expert on a media poll or open conversation; simply add a valuable comment and the platform may feature your reply along with the backlink!

7. Get an interview

Nah, we mean be an interviewee. It can be difficult to get your voice out there with so many experts in your field already out there. There’s a unique way to compete with them- subscribe to channels such as ‘help a reporter out’ where journalists and boggers put in a request to speak to whatever kind of sources they need. A good number of these journalists are associated with reputed fourth estate units, and even one mention in their article can get you enough coverage. Their article will publish a backlink to your website, and if you’re lucky, you could even get them to cover you for your work when the time is right.

Be creative, complement your instincts with established techniques and see the fruit of your efforts- better search engine rankings and more traffic to your website.

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