7 Ways to Build A Bigger Social Media Audience

By Logicserve News Desk

  • January 29, 2020,

Be it a mainstream product or a niche category, every seller has a potential customer base waiting online to know more and engage with the company and their offerings. As a seller, you can hook influencers, the casual online window shopper, the serial online shopper, the user who waits for online reviews before committing, and many other types of social media audiences and build them into your loyal customers. A bigger audience means a bigger reach.

As a brand custodian, you can leverage the vastness of social media to reach existing and potential customers, build brand awareness, and generate business. Here are 7 effective ways in which you can significantly increase your social media audience and build your business:

1. More visual posts

‘A picture is worth a thousand words’ is no longer a vague adage in the times of social media marketing. Stunning visuals captivate the user and compel them to know more about you compared to a dry post with only text. Include more visuals with human faces in it to increase the likelihood of that post being reshared by the audience. You can use free online graphic design websites to create high-resolution creatives for free to go with your post.

2. Include more videos

If a picture speaks a thousand words, then a video…certainly narrates an epic. Video content garners the most audience engagement on all social media platforms. Be sure to directly embed the video onto your post instead of simply sharing a link to the video that could direct the user to another website. This ensures that the video will automatically play when the user reaches your post on their news feed, and instantly grabs attention. Make sure the videos are of a good quality, appropriate in length, and do not infringe on any copyrights to get the best possible engagement.

3. Be responsive to user comments

Be it a query on your Facebook post or a comment on your YouTube video, it is important to reply to your users, and preferably within the day! Acknowledging and appreciating your followers can make them feel heard and even special. They are more likely to champion your brand and encourage their social group to follow you. You can even make an ask- request your followers to tag their friends who may like your brand.

4. Update your profile pictures

Use meaningful, high-resolution images as your profile picture, cover photo, or banner, depending on what social media platform you are using. Pictures of an individual using your product is more likely to engage your audience and encourage them to see themselves as users of your products. Make the accompanying caption witty, sharp, and as close to your brand’s messaging as possible.

5. Run contests

Who doesn’t like freebies or even being competitive? Holding ‘Best Photo’, ‘Best Hashtag’, ‘Best Caption’ contests will not only keep your current followers engaged but also get you new ones. Encourage your social media community to tag as many friends as possible on the contest to get more people to participate as well as raise your audience numbers.

6. Customise your content

Instagram is best for visual content, while Facebook is most-suited to share testimonial stories or longer posts. Put in the effort to customise your content for each social media platform, and play to its strengths. Tweet a witty opinion on the latest news which relates to your field, or post a detailed video on the features of your new product on YouTube.

7. Use hashtags and latest news

Someone searching for posts with a specific hashtag such as ‘#FashionTrends’ or ‘#SaveMoney’ is more likely to land on your social media page. Find the most popular hashtags for the day and figure out a way to post something on your page with that hashtag. Similarly, if there is a news headline that is relevant to your work, then link that news to your post with your take on it along with trending hashtags. Word of advice: don’t force that hashtag into your post as that may confuse your audience as to what your page and brand is about.

Engage in some research on the strengths and limitations of each social media platform before you start your campaign, and be open to experimenting, few trials and errors before you find your rhythm and the right way to maximise your social media audience.

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