Weekend Digital Media Round-Up: Google’s URL2Video Process, LinkedIn’s Company Engagement Report, WhatsApp’s Payment Feature & more…

By Logicserve News Desk

  • November 6, 2020,
1.Google’s URL2Video Converts Web Pages Into Short Videos In Seconds

Google researchers introduced a new AI system that converts a web page into a short video, known as URL2Video. [Source: Analytics India Magazine]

2. LinkedIn Launches Company Engagement Report For B2B Marketers

LinkedIn’s new Company Engagement Report is rolling out now and offers data to help B2B marketers understand if they’re reaching the right audiences. [Source: Search Engine Journal]

3. WhatsApp rolls out payments in India

WhatsApp has finally expanded its payment feature to more users in India, which is the world’s second largest internet market. [Source: TechCrunch]

4. Facebook rolls out free offline-to-online guide for SMBs to go digital

Facebook announced an offline-to-online guide and new resources for SMBs, which will be available publicly for free.  [Source: YourStory]

5. Snapchat Launches ‘Snap Connect’ Educational Insights for Marketers

Snapchat has launched a new expansion of its Snap Focus education platform for marketers, called the ‘Snap Connect.’ [Source: Social Media Today]

6. WordPress 5.6 May Break Sites on December 2020

WordPress 5.6 will make jQuery Migrate Helper Plugin “useless” which means some sites may break again. [Source: Search Engine Journal

7. New GPT-3 solutions can help speed up PPC ad and landing page copy creation

GPT-3 is Open AI’s powerful autoregressive language model that is capable of generating human-like natural language. [Source: Marketing Land]

8. Facebook Tests New Options to Add Motion Effects to Still Images in Feed

Facebook is testing some new visual effects options for still images posted to News Feed, which add simulated, video-like movement to your pictures. [Source: Social Media Today]

9. Snapchat Lets Users Display Follower Counts

Snapchat is finally giving users the option to display how many followers they have on their public profile. [Source: Search Engine Journal]

10. Microsoft Advertising promotion extensions available in time for the holidays

Promotion extensions are now available for Microsoft Advertising accounts in the U.S. These are similar to Google Ads promotion extensions, including the ability to select from a list of events or occasions such as Christmas, Black Friday or Cyber Monday. [Source: Search Engine Land]


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