A confluence of leap of faith and sheer genuineness of existence

By Team Logicserve

  • June 16, 2014,

Salabh Sahai @LogicserveDigi

The first three LogicTalk were like a depuration of our daily lives with the river of knowledge. Mr. Sudhakar Ram, communicated about the power of choice while Mr. Subramanian enunciated about the ability to believe. Mr. Saraiya followed this with his panache on aspirations of turning ideas into a reality. The fourth speaker took this a notch above and contrived the environment to believe in the beauty of accidents and of his life that has metamorphosised into an existence of passion and what finding it can do to you.

An outspoken personality Mr. Shalabh Sahai (Co-Founder, Director – iVolunteer) evoked the conversation as easy as a pie, with one of the most fundamental questions. These ones define our everyday life and constitute a huge part of our character. The simple question was “What is your passion?” A few LogiMates replied with astute responses while others were left wondering the same. The conversation went on to covering everything from the beauty of accidents to a never give up attitude. Each of these had live examples from the life of the speaker.

Some pearls, which will help you, guesstimate your life graphs are as follows:

  • If you are passionate about something, you can even explain it to a five year old!

Yes, you read that right! If you are passionate, you will understand the concepts of what you are working on, very clearly with its fundamentals. This will make it easier for you to demonstrate your passion to others. He cited the example of explaining what a brand is to someone who has had no education or awareness about these technical terms. The explanation garnered a few laughs and a few awes.

  • Accidents in our lives are beautiful

The beauty of an accident is that it changes your life. No, it does not have to be appropriated in the literal sense, but more on events that are life changing. In addition, yes, they occur with everyone at some point of time and each of these events alters the meaning of reality for us. These accidents play an integral role for us to understand what we enjoy doing the most.

  • Take the leap of faith and the net will be made

At some point of time in our lives, we reach a stage where one has to decide if they want to live their own life or those prescribed by someone else. This moment of decision forms the basis of our life. Shalabh has taken leaps of faith with his idea on volunteering. He has set up his enterprise on managing passion and skills and intertwining it with the development sector.

The conversation covered a couple of questions on the understanding passion, knowing life and various aspects of how one can exist, if they wish to. The core was “getting out of your comfort zone”

At the end, every LogiMate went back with a thought, “exactly whose life are they living?” It’s time for you to analyse the same!

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