A Day In The Life Of – A Digital Marketer from HDFC Bank

By Logicserve News Desk

  • May 25, 2018,


For this week’s feature, we connected with Saumitra Sharma from HDFC Bank to know the details about a digital marketer’s life in banking sector and know some handy tips and tricks to manage the tasks well.

Here’s a look at what this young digital marketer has to say about his professional life.

  1. How does your normal working day look like?

My focus area is to optimise user journey on our digital assets. I focus on identifying key customer journeys based on user personas and work with brand communications and tech teams to implement changes that can remove friction and bring customer delight. Another area that I stress on is bringing product teams on board with what we are doing and making them stakeholders in our journey. This is really important in large organisations because digital marketing would not yield desired success if all the teams work in silos.

  1. What are the most helpful tools according to you that help you get the job done efficiently?

As a digital marketer, I use a lot of online tools to keep an eye on the performance metrics and to initiate quick action in case anything needs urgent attention. I use Google’s suite of tools like Google Analytics, Google Drive, Sheets, AdWords, etc. Apart from these, I use a couple of A/B testing, heatmap and CRO tools to derive hypothesis for optimising user journey and run tests to validate these.

  1. How did you get into digital marketing? What do you love about your job?

I started out as a brand manager and was intrigued by the digital marketing ecosystem. The key aspects which fascinated me were the ability to do one-to-one personalisation and attribution which is not possible in the traditional ATL and BTL marketing. Digital marketing challenges the traditional notion of how we communicate with the customers. I started out with learning the basics and managing the SEO and analytics for my company’s website and later moved completely towards handling the campaigns and the website.

What I love the most about digital marketing is the fact that there is so much to learn and try out every day. The innovation is not just limited to the big tech companies, but each of us can innovate and come up with our own ideas that can change the digital ecosystem.

  1. Tell us about your hobbies. What do you do to unwind from the busy working life?

After a hectic day, I love to bust stress by sketching or by listening to some alt-jazz music. On weekends, I love to travel and unwind in some rustic location away from the din of our megacity.

  1. Any advice for people who want to get into this dynamic digital marketing space?

Read, Read, and apply. There is so much to learn and do in this field, and all it takes for you to get started is to just start.


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