A Day In The Life Of – A Digital Marketer from IIFL

By Logicserve News Desk

  • July 20, 2018,

For this week’s feature, we spoke to Iti Mehrotra from IIFL to know about her journey in the digital marketing space and get some handy tips for aspiring marketers.

Read about her experience and challenges below.

  1. How does your normal working day look like?

Normal work day is a myth for digital marketers with so much happening in this space every minute. We are constantly working even during personal time – while searching something on Google, focus is less on answer but how Google is displaying the results. On scrolling Facebook feed, a friend’s update is far less important than fresh creative style in an ad.

Each day brings in a surprise and demands an instant reaction. I think that’s why we like this job.

My work day typically starts on my way to office as soon as I hop into a cab. I use the time to respond to emails or go through creative storyboards.

Once in office, I start by reflecting on activities done a day before and monthly targets to compile my To-Do list for that day. As my team drives campaigns for around 8+ business lines, these 15 minutes are very important for managing priorities.

Then I review performance reports of each channel – Google, Social, Affiliate, App, Websites followed by deliveries made to sales teams. This helps me in identifying if any campaign or channel needs attention.

Rest of the day is the result of above two steps and adhoc stuff that makes up more than 40% of the work. Before I wind up my day, I ensure that I spend some time with my team taking stock of their progress.

  1. What are the most helpful tools according to you that help you get the job done efficiently?

In Digital Marketing there is a tool for everything. However, I think none of us can get through the day using some of the most basic ones. Microsoft Excel helps me make each and every ROI related decision, Google Analytics helps me keep a tab on the health of my websites, CRM keeps me close to my Sales team. Having said that, AMO, Adwords, Facebook Ads Manager, Appsflyer and so many other tools empower me to solve problems or make decisions so much faster.

  1. How did you get into digital marketing? What do you love about your job?

It was never only Digital Marketing; I have always loved everything about digital. I used to drive Internet Banking and Mobile Banking acquisitions at ICICI Bank and devising newer ways to on-board customers itself was a thrill.

My first brush with Digital Marketing was when I started with running email and SMS campaigns to reach out to customers. The other channels then followed one by one i.e. website, app install campaigns, SEM, Social. Then I moved to IIFL Group and it’s here that I got the opportunity to set up the function from scratch and actually deepen my understanding of the vertical.

In an offline world, it can take months to measure the actual impact of any campaign. So the self-learning is slow. What I love about Digital is that it’s so easy and fast to measure everything. It ensures that I am constantly improving as a Marketeer.

  1. Tell us about your hobbies. What do you do to unwind from the busy working life?

I enjoy travelling and hence like reading about places, travel stories online and then spend time making my own itineraries.  Apart from that, I love watching series on OTT platforms, reading fiction and exploring eateries in the city.

However, spending time with my pets is definitely the best way to unwind.

  1. Any advice for people who want to get into this dynamic digital marketing space?

The digital space is changing every day but don’t let that scare you. At the crux of every change in the marketing world, is the customer. If you have been making strategies with your customer at the center, no algorithm changes or new launches will adversely affect you. They will only serve as a platform to step up your game.

Stay updated, meet new vendors/ service providers and have regular brainstorming sessions so that you can keep improving your strategies.


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