Adding Subdomains and Domains Together Now Possible on Google Search Console

By Logicserve News Desk

  • November 15, 2018,

Digital marketers and webmasters have been using Google Search Console to better manage their websites and score well on the paid marketing and SEO parameters. There are many advantages offered by Google Search Console such as:

1. Faster indexing

With the ‘Fetch as Google’ functionality inside the Search Console, you can inform Google to index newly updated or newly added pages by the search bots. Without this assistance, the regular indexing process can take upto many days. However, with Google Search Console, the indexing request is processed in a matter of hours (and even instantaneously in some cases).

2. HTTPS transitioning

When we are moving the site from HTTP to HTTPS, Google Search Console helps make the movement easier and without any issues. Once your SSL is completely configured, all you need to do is go to the ‘add a site’ feature and claim your own HTTPS profile.

3. Sitemaps

Google Search Console can also be used by webmasters to submit a sitemap of the website to the search engine. All individual pages of the site can be processed appropriately using this method.

While these strong set of functionalities do help make the web admins more effective, there are more roll-outs emerging.

Introducing Domain property

The research and development team at Google Search Console is assessing a unique method to enable users to seamlessly add all data for a site’s subdomains, domains, and subpaths. Google has achieved this by building and introducing Domain property – a web-based property that helps admins to accomplish this purpose.

The Domain property combines data for the given domain, all subdomains, subpaths and protocols. All the protocol and subdomain variations for a particular website domain are integrated into the Search Console via this Domain property. An exciting aspect about this property is that it will store and allow access to all data related to all URLs without any cut-off date. A domain property is atomic, containing data of all included URLs during the lifetime of the property.

It is obvious that the webmasters will not be able to split aggregated data by subdomain or protocol from a Domain property. They can, however, split your data by other methods.  As an additional plus point, the web admins have the facility to build distinct Search Console properties for domains that are integrated within a Domain property as per their monitoring needs.

This feature does seem to have deeper implications from a search engine marketing perspective. We will be on the lookout for valuable comments from web admins who have tested this new module. If you have any report on the efficacy or shortcoming of this module, do feel free to share it with us in the comments box below.

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