Adopting 3 New E-Commerce Digital Marketing Strategies During the COVID-19 Era

By Logicserve News Desk

  • October 5, 2020,
E Commerce Marketing Strategy

More than 200 countries and territories worldwide have reported more than 30 million confirmed cases of COVID-19. With a record number of cases still being registered in some parts of the world, there is no sign of stopping the pandemic.

Several businesses have been vastly impacted as the global economy has taken a massive hit due to the pandemic and the stringent lockdowns implemented in many countries to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus.

But as the e-commerce industry was consistently growing before the onset of this outbreak, many of the businesses involved in digital commerce already have a robust online presence. By modifying their digital marketing strategy to meet consumer expectations in the COVID-19 era better, they can continue growing and competing.

Here are a few ways in which e-commerce industries can fine-tune their online marketing strategies during this pandemic-

1. Do Not Ignore Organic Visibility

Google has already made changes to the search algorithms to make sure that people can get highly accurate information about the pandemic. But as more people are now searching about things online, it’d not be wise to overlook your organic visibility.

SEO being the most effective way to improve visibility on search engines, should not be avoided even as you focus on other marketing channels, like PPC and social media marketing. Organic search was and will continue to be the most effective way to build a robust online presence for e-commerce business, no matter what the scenario is.

2. Take Advantage of PPC

The economic downturn due to the pandemic has forced several businesses to cut short their marketing budgets. Due to this, most marketing teams would prefer pausing their PPC campaigns. However, this can be the time when online stores can take maximum advantage of PPC marketing.

As many businesses have scaled back their marketing efforts, the CPCs are likely to be at the lower end. So, rather than entirely pausing the PPC digital strategy, you can focus more on essential lower-funnel keywords that have higher conversion rates rather than higher-funnel keywords with lower conversions.

By continuing your PPC campaign when others are scaling back, you will also get a better CTR, which could help improve your Quality Score and reduce your CPC in the longer run.

3. Be Active and Helpful on Social Platforms

As a lot of people are still stuck in their homes due to the lockdown, social networking platforms are witnessing a surge in average time spent. Maintain a lively and vibrant online presence on these platforms is an effective e-commerce marketing strategy to let the people know that your brand is alive and breathing.

It could be as simple as posting the opening hours and delivery options or something more innovative and valuable, like announcing contributions for the frontline fighters or local communities.

As people are combating anxiety and boredom due to the pandemic, try to be more helpful and empathetic every time you post something or talk to anyone on these platforms.

Boosting Your E-Commerce Digital Marketing Strategy During COVID-19 and Beyond

We are going through difficult times, and there seems to be no respite unless an effective vaccine is launched. As people across the world adjust to the new world order, even the e-commerce marketing landscape needs to go through a shift to better meet and fulfil consumer expectations.

If you are looking for ways to improve your digital marketing strategies during the pandemic, begin with the tips discussed in this post, and you might witness exceptional results. The expertise of marketing professionals could further boost your campaigns, helping you get closer to your marketing objectives.

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