Advantages of Custom URL for Google Plus

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  • November 8, 2013,
Advantages of Custom URL @LogicserveDigi

Advantages of Custom URL @LogicserveDigi

Moving towards an online presence for your business entity….how about using a customized URL through your Google Plus page? Finally, a URL with your business name will be displayed on the screen when searched for!!

Consider this as an add-on to the existing services offered by Google for enhancing your online business profile. When your business name will be displayed within the Google plus URL it works upon the brand recall factor to a great extent. Interested business owners and Google Plus users can apply for their customized URLs through Google+ Direct Connect initiative

Earlier, Google had permitted this feature referred to as Google Plus Vanity URL to big brands and celebrities but by offering this across to all Google Plus members, it has definitely widened its horizon to reach out to millions of Google plus users.

Currently, it is advisable to proceed for the Custom URL option as quickly as possible especially when you consider this as an extremely cohesive option to integrate your business email, search campaigns, documents and more under a single URL or identity.

Big and small business owners should grab upon this opportunity to customize their URL for Google Plus and enhance their online presence. Google plus offers a custom URL after reviewing your business and the website which does mean a great deal especially if you are interested in pursuing your business online.

To begin with you need to approach Google through the Google+ Direct Connect with a set of basic prerequisites essential for applying for a customized URL are quite easy to satisfy –

Prerequisites –

A Profile picture

More than 10 followers

An account more than 30 days old to claim a ‘web address’ in the form of “ brand)

For example – Logicserve’s Custom URL for Google + rather than the earlier one –

Post your application and the review, Google offers a couple of custom URLs to your Google+ profile or page allowing you to choose the most preferred one. Slight modification to the chosen custom URL is permitted provided it is on par with the Google+ User Content and Conduct policies and Google+ custom URLs terms of use.

What is Google+ Direct Connect?

Google+ Direct Connect (GDC) lets users navigate to your Google+ Page when using Google Search. When searching for a brand or celebrity, you can put a ‘+’ in front of the search term. When a user use the ‘+’ operator before search query, it tells Google to find the Google+ page. For example, when you search for ‘+Logicserve’ on Google, you will be sent to Logiserve’s Google+ Pages, and given the option to add the ‘Page’ to your circles. To make the page eligible for GDC, one must provide a link between Google+ Page and website. This could be done by connecting the Google+ Page and the website using the Google+ badge.


Google+ is here to stay and will continue to provide value to the business owners. With capabilities such as video hangouts, free voice calls and other tools; users will continue to flock to the platform. Having said, Google Plus for business is way great way to make a leaping stride.

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