All It Takes To Optimize Your Website’s Conversion Rates

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  • July 19, 2012,

Is your website receiving the desired number of conversions? If not, then you got some homework to do. But, before you get started, it is important to find out why visitors keep bouncing from your website. There could be a few reasons for this such as a highly cluttered page, no social proof and of course an inaccurate check-out process. Mentioned below are a few tips that can greatly increase your website’s conversion rate.

Reduce Clutter

A web page with huge paragraphs and too many links can get a visitor into confusion. Of course, visitors would obviously want to know more about your product or your service, but this does not mean you should stuff the web page with unwanted content. Make sure that every piece of content on your website relates to the product or the service you intend to offer. In case you have too much to talk about, try utilizing bullet points. This will make your web page look organized. Also limit the number of links on your web page. If you are not quite sure about which links to keep and which ones to eliminate, try using your Analytic tracking. This will help you determine the most popular areas of your website, and so you can add in only those links. Finally, eliminate every extra element that causes a distraction to the visitor.

Be specific

Do not make your visitors go round and round the bush. Immediately come to the point. All that they want to know is about the product that you intend to offer. List down all the specifications of your product. At times visitors call it a quit when they read something that says, ‘terms and conditions apply’ located somewhere at the bottom of the web page. Therefore, in case you have any specific policies in place, make sure you list them all in detail. This will offer the visitors a great relief and will reduce their chances of bouncing off.

Beauty is the key

Once your website has got the right amount of text, its time to add some final touches. Try making your website look attractive. Add in some images that are relevant to your product. Your website needs to be highly interactive but with a simple user interface. See to it that the paragraphs are aligned rightly. Finally, let your website have a separate section meant strictly for public reviews and testimonials, because that is what people look for when they are searching for something online.

When you are done with all of this, try locating a good SEO and a PPC company who can tell you about the conversion rates for your website. You will probably be satisfied with the result.

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