All You need to know about Instagram‘s ‘New Posts’ Button

By Logicserve News Desk

  • March 28, 2018,

A typical social media feed automatically updates new posts and pushes down the older ones below. The same was the case with Instagram. However, the brains behind the hugely popular social media platform are now testing a new update method for newsfeed.  In order to put more power in the hands of the user, they are planning to add a ‘New Posts’ button to the user’s feeds.

How does it work?

The ‘New Posts’ button is intended to keep the user to the current feeds view till the user taps on this button. Once he/ she taps it, the view will move to the top of new posts added by their network. Another social media platform where something similar is happening is LinkedIn.

By tapping the button, Instagram users will be brought to the top of the feed. This, in turn, will allow you to view more of timely posts that are fresh. This will override the algorithm based automatic feed update. The algorithmic update was performing poorly by pushing up very old posts and irrelevant updates (from a chronological point of view) and hence lowering the overall user experience that Instagram users were facing.

Why the need for this new move?

Along with the ‘New Posts’ button, the photo-sharing app promises users to see more of chronological posts. If you recall, the platform has been slammed for pushing up chronologically outdated posts when its algorithm-based post update was in force.

This is why this update holds so much significance – it will help users get fresh content and overcome the limitation posed by algorithmic feed (of showing older feeds). According to the company blog – “With these new changes, your feed will feel more fresh, and you won’t miss the moments you care about.”

What does it mean for users?

Right now there is no clear indication of how the new move will work out from users’ point of view. The current algorithmic view introduced in 2016 was notorious for not allowing users to view new posts and pictures. Before the introduction of algorithmic updates, the feeds view was based solely on date and timestamp, thus allowing users to view newer posts on top and push down the older posts.

The new update does seek to address a few challenges such as :

1. Timely updates, allowing users to see posts when they are actually relevant. Imagine getting a ‘Merry Christmas’ greeting on December 28th! This is a problem that the new move seeks to address.

2. Limited time sales and events too used to get missed because of the algorithmic updates. The ‘New Posts’ button will allow users to see such events and offers when they are actually in force.

What the future holds?

While Instagram has offered a slew of new features like ‘Stories’ in the recent past, the fact remains that algorithmic feed was a major gripe with many users. Oly time will tell if the users remain satisfied with these ‘New Posts’ button or not. Do share your views on this change and if the ‘New Posts’ button is working as per your expectations and showing up more relevant feeds?

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