Amazing SEO and Social Media Techniques That You Need To Know About

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  • June 29, 2012,

Social Media Marketing is one of the most widely used marketing strategies that offer a guaranteed output. The internet is flooded with thousands of social media sites with a new one coming up each day. Very few of these succeed in attracting a good number of visitors. However, the ones that do, have succeeded in setting up a strong foundation. So, how do they do this? Simply, by utilizing some of the most effective SEO and social media marketing techniques. Here are a few of them that can change the way you have been doing your business.

Register the brand name on various social networking sites

If you have a Facebook page or a Twitter account, you are good to go. Having your brand presence on these sites is one of the best ways to improve your search engine rankings. However, do not just stick to Facebook and Twitter, but also claim your brand on sites like YouTube, LinkedIn and Google+, as these sites presently hold a great share of importance in audience reach as well as search engine algorithms.

Publish quality content on your blog

More the amount of content your website holds, more are its chances of being returned as a search result. No doubt, this is true but only to some extent. Search engines now are easily able to distinguish between poor and high quality content. Therefore, if you are just trying to stuff your website with loads of new content each day, think once again. The quality of the content is also equally important.

Let the visitors share your content

With every post, make sure to include social sharing buttons which allow visitors to share your content with others. Also, include a small message requesting the visitors to share the content if they like it. As a result, you witness a considerable increase in the number of visitors within just a short span.

SEO link-building campaign can help

Once you are done posting a good amount of quality content on your blog, it is now time to work on something known as a SEO link-building campaign. The search engine ranking of a web page greatly depends on the the quality and number of inbound links directing to it.

Build up an email list

Why not build up an email list of your website visitors? You can do this by using a free email management utility. Staying in touch with the visitors through email campaigns can offer you guaranteed returns. Although these returns may not be instant, they can still make a huge difference. For most of the present-day organizations, email marketing happens to be a sole valuable asset.

Setting up an effective online marketing campaign is definitely not a cakewalk. Therefore, many organizations rather than hiring online marketing experts prefer dealing with the task themselves. While some find it feasible to stay away from such campaigns, as they are tight on their budget and also at the same time lack the expertise to get started. If you find yourself in one of these situations, the above mentioned techniques are sure to offer you what you are exactly looking for.

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