Amazon introduces shoppable stickers to its iOS app

By Logicserve News Desk

  • May 26, 2017,
Source : TechCrunch

The social networking apps like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat have redefined the way people communicated through chat. The addition of several stickers has made talking more fun as well as there is an animation to express almost every feeling. The shopping portals like Amazon have not been far behind in integrating the stickers to provide shoppers a better shopping experience. After a recent update, Amazon, one of the largest online retailers in the world has added stickers in its camera feed for iOS users. This revolutionary feature will allow the customers to look for products by clicking pictures of the real-objects.

The introduction of the new feature comes as a part of the several new additions made by Amazon. Earlier in March 2017, the company had integrated Alexa, the virtual assistant in its app to allow the buyers play music while shopping as well as ask questions and check the weather and do more. It also launched another feature known as ‘Outfit Compare’ in the shopping app. While the addition of virtual assistant and other feature provided for a better shopping experience, critics don’t feel the same about the addition of stickers.

Source: TechCrunch

Amazon, obviously is only on online store and the camera feature it offers is only meant to an alternative way to search for products and not just use it as a tool to click and share personal pictures. The camera feature is just an addition to the bar code scanning and the type search feature to identify and suggest related products. The new update works similar to the Pinterest and Google’s visual search products features.

To be able to use the stickers on Amazon, the users would have to launch the camera by simply tapping the camera icon, which is placed next to the home screen on the Amazon app. After starting the camera, the users would see the new ‘Amazon Stickers’ button at the bottom on the left corner of the screen.

Source : TechCrunch

To make the stickers more user-friendly, Amazon has categorized the stickers into various categories like Top Picks, Fun, Home, Gadgets, Women and more. There are also many specially curated assortment like Legos, Wood, Workspace and Gold. As the users use stickers, Amazon recommends relatable products based on the pattern of the users.

Another interesting feature is the camera feed live, which allows the users to browse through the various sections and add the stickers to the scene before them. Since there is no selfie camera feature, users many not be able to try the clothing material on but they can perhaps use the stickers to check how a certain home décor product would look in the room. The stickers feature also allows you to add multiple stickers to a single photo, resize them as well as save them to your camera roll and share on social networks.


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