Avoid these back links to stay away from Google’s Penalties!!

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  • August 8, 2013,

Keeping in tow with Google updates? For more clarity, we have listed out the most important not-to-dos for you. Do refer to them before you begin the link building process for your website.  Remember your effort to enhance the website’s page rank through manipulation is likely to be penalized.

To begin with avoid keyword rich anchor text links, paid links, articles and press releases with links bearing optimized anchor text.

Paid link exchanges, free product in exchange of links or partner page activities have to be avoided at all costs.  Also, avoid back linking as much as you can. Though these actions enhance page ranks but they are not preferred by Google and your website faces are higher risk of being penalized for the same.

Avoid excessive link exchanges which means cross linking with irrelevant websites just for the sake of it.  Linking with relevant websites is permissible and encouraged provided it serves the purpose.  Unnatural linking could hamper your website’s page rank.

Avoid large-scale article marketing or guest posting campaigns at larger scale for the same reasons.  It helps if you post genuine articles and guest posts but if at all they are undertaken for back link purposes they will not serve their purpose.  Articles and guests posts have to be worth the information they are providing and thereby enhancing their readability.

Avoid use of programs or services which can automatically create back links to your site. Using them seems to be an attractive option but your website runs a greater risk of getting caught by Google

Text ads placed on another website without a rel=nofollow attribute in the link is preferred by Google else it will be considered as a back link. Similarly, adverts and ads which include links which can pass the Page Rank have to be avoided at all costs. But, if at all the ad includes a paid link then it is in for trouble.

Using links with optimized text in the articles and press releases is an absolute no-no.  Google’s spam algorithm is quite powerful to capture it which could mean big trouble.

Links from not-so-good directories and book marking sites are likely to cause issues for you and hence its better you keep away from them.  Choose directories which help you in getting more visitors, this is what you are looking out for and in turn your page rank will also increase.

Your website’s footer should be used for displaying your links and information such as “About us”,  “Terms and Conditions” and so on. Do not use this space to promote keyword rich links which direct visitors to other websites.  Such links are usually paid ones and hence not preferred by Google.

Widgets which contain links to other websites have to be avoided at all costs for they too, are directing visitors to other websites. If at all, you need to use them, it would be advisable to go apply the ‘nofollow’ attribute or not provide them with links.

Avoid use of keywords and links in the forum posts or signature as they are not accepted by Google. It would be best to stay way of techniques and tools which enhance the website’s page rank.

If you wish to enhance your website’s SERP then it would be best to approach a well established Search Engine Optimisation company such as Logicserve Digital for they have the required expertise and expertise in an ethical manner.

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