Been affected by Google Penalty? Implement the remedial measures soon

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  • July 10, 2013,

Been affected by Google

Has the Google Penalty struck on your website? If yes, you probably know the reason – lot of paid and unnatural links to your website. Also, Google feels its search quality guidelines have not been followed quite seriously by you. Despite the penalty – algorithmic or manual one, Google is ready to welcome you back into its fold but for which you have to take a few remedial measures –

Make sure your cleaning campaign involves the following steps and if they are done in the right manner your website can begin to enjoy its earlier SERPs.

Link Portfolio

Face the fact that Google believes your website is full of unnatural and paid links so that it enjoys higher SERPs. It’s time to clean up your act by getting in touch with relevant webmasters and get the links removed by requesting them through a Disavow tool in the Webmasters tool You could even place a ‘nofollow’ tag on them. In all, you need to be certain that your Backlink profile is absolutely clean.

Appeal for Reconsideration

Begin with a thorough analysis and research of your website in terms of Google’s guidelines and make sure your website adheres to them all. Once done, it’s time to send a reconsideration request to Google.  This request is likely to speed up your disavow process, though not certainly. A few handy yet important pointers –

Thorough check of the links especially those which are not adding value to your site

Requests to Webmasters to remove the backlinks through email

Disavow Tool – supposed to be the last resort which can help you remove the inferior links and can be used along with reconsideration request stating your serious attempts to remove the same.

Be Honest and Patient

Reconsideration requests to Google are scanned and handled by their employees. At this juncture, you need to be very honest and present all the points and facts in proper order. If the SEO task was outsourced, relevant details of their networks and procedures have to be highlighted along with the measures you are undertaking to ensure this does not reoccur.

With a large number of reconsideration requests pouring in, Google and its employees require time and the bandwidth to deal with the same. Hence, it is essential to be patient and wait for their reply to arrive through the Webmaster Tools section

Post a cleanup of your website along with a promise of being more transparent, you have to work your way with Google and reassure it of such instances not likely to happen again.  Coupled with a promise that you will follow ethical and engaging link building policies which are on par with your social media strategy and content marketing initiatives, you could patiently wait for Google to remove its penalty and allow your website to enjoy its usual rankings.

If at all, you are planning to hire SEO services, make sure they follow ethical practices all the way and your website does not get penalized on such counts in the future.

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