Connect Organic and Paid Search to Boost ROI

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  • October 29, 2021,
Digital Marketing: Using Organic and Paid Search to Boost RIO

Most brands and marketers already understand how critical it is to have powerful organic and paid search strategies. After all, around 63% of the online experiences begin with a search engine, according to a report by BrightEdge.

But if you are keeping the channel teams siloed and not integrating the two, you sure are missing out on the opportunity to boost conversions, ranking, and ROI. By connecting organic and paid search, you can effectively coordinate and streamline your search marketing strategy. At the same time, brands can also save time and money spent on content production and ads.

But what is the most effective way to combine the two? Here are 3 of the most popular ways in which brands and marketers can combine organic and paid search-

1. Leverage Paid Search Data for Publishing Great Content

One of the easiest ways to connect organic and paid search is to use data from paid campaigns to publish content for your website. If you are struggling to come up with fresh content ideas to attract traffic, you can craft something around the keywords that are bringing the maximum number of PPC clicks.

Alternatively, such top-performing keywords can also be added to the meta descriptions to boost your website’s organic ranking. The keywords and phrases that are bringing in traffic can also be explored further through additional pieces of content. For instance, if people are searching for “how” one of your products work, you can consider publishing a few instructional blogs.

2. Encourage Return Store Visits

According to a recent survey by American Express and Nielsen, Indian consumers spend most of their online time shopping. While shopping online, people browse through several stores before making a purchase. Unfortunately, most of the people who might have visited your online store while searching for a product might not remember your brand after a single visit.

It is possible that the initial visit might have come from your higher organic ranking for a particular keyword. With PPC, you can target such visitors through a remarketing campaign. The website cookies record such visits and abandoned carts. Paid ads can be used for displaying products or messages to these one-time visitors throughout the Google Display network. 

3. Merging Organic Search with PPC Bidding

Brands can also work on a bidding strategy that can react to a particular organic data feed to boost ROIs. For instance, keywords with higher organic coverage but lower competition can be selected as higher efficiency targets to minimize ad spends. With the help of bidding strategies that revolve around auction timing, the algorithm uses intent signals collected in real-time. 

At the same time, the attribution is driven by data to ensure that the conversion value depends on the stage at which a consumer is in their buying journey. These strategies help optimize the ad spends, allowing brands to spend more on other potential areas.

Combine Organic and Paid Search for Improved ROI

Several brands treat organic and paid search as different entities that need individual teams and exclusive strategies. By combining organic and paid search, brands and marketers can unleash the true potential of their search marketing campaigns and boost ROIs.

The expertise of a reliable digital marketing company is your best bet to take maximum advantage of this combination and achieve improved results.

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